Breast Reduction

Minimal-Incision Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction When a patient comes in for a consultation asking about breast reduction at my Tampa practice, they are often concerned about the postoperative scars that will result. Although there’s no way to make an incision on the skin and not leave a scar, I do take steps to minimize scarring for both breast lift and breast reduction patients.

Alternative Techniques

Many patients dread the infamous “anchor scar” which so often marks patients who’ve had a breast lift. Thankfully, there are newer techniques for breast reduction that minimize the length of the incision that’s needed.

When incisions can be hidden within the darker pigmented skin of the areola around the nipple, and placed within the natural crease under the breast, scarring is very minimal. Sometimes liposuction can also be used to assist breast reduction, without the need for additional incisions.

Another factor that affects scarring is the amount of tension that is placed on the incision after the surgery. More tension can cause the scar to heal wider. This is something I take every precaution to avoid. Each procedure is customized to the individual patient, and that includes taking the potential for scarring into effect.

The Healing Process

Although a breast lift or reduction cannot be performed with zero scarring, rest assured that every effort is made to reduce the potential for overt scarring. It’s also important to remember that, despite the prevalence of the anchor scar, breast reduction still has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any surgery. In the end, patients feel the results themselves are far more important than any resulting scar.

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