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Body Contouring

Make Sweater Weather Work for You with Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Maybe your plans to get the summer body you’ve always wanted didn’t quite pan out this year. Even if you put in double time at the gym and watched your diet, getting rid of some pesky areas of fat can be particularly challenging on your own. That’s just one of the reasons why so many people are now turning to nonsurgical body contouring treatments like UltraShape® Power and VelaShape™ III.

Even better still, as the summer slow comes to a close and we move into cooler sweater weather, you could see even more complete results from body contouring. Take a look at some of the biggest benefits of nonsurgical body contouring, plus why you might want to jump at the chance to schedule your treatment in the fall.

  1. Don’t Worry about Downtime

    As nonsurgical procedures, UltraShape and VelaShape don’t require any downtime, so you can get right back to your normal routine. This also means that you won’t have to miss any time from work, which is often one of the biggest concerns for people considering surgical alternatives like a tummy tuck and/or liposuction.

    For UltraShape, your treatment should last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size and location of the area being treated. VelaShape typically takes anywhere from 20 to 75 minutes.

  2. Target Multiple Areas of Your Body

    Nonsurgical body contouring is a jack-of-all-trades type of treatment. It can help you get rid of stubborn exercise-resistant fat in a number of different areas on your body, including your hips, waist and thighs. So you can get a completely customized outcome from nonsurgical treatments, just like you would if you were to schedule abdominoplasty or another surgical option.

    UltraShape and VelaShape can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, too.

  3. Pair with Other Procedures

    Since they are relatively quick and easy to complete and don’t require any downtime, nonsurgical body slimming treatments make great complements to other procedures. If you’ve had breast augmentation, for example, and are looking for a more pronounced hourglass figure to accentuate your new shape even more, UltraShape or VelaShape could make the perfect pair.

  4. Get Real Results

    Just because they don’t require surgery doesn’t mean these body contouring treatments can’t produce real results. Expect to see gradual improvements in your body shape and the way your clothes fit over the next three months after your appointment.

    For UltraShape, most people see the best results after a series of 3 to 4 treatment sessions, each spaced a few weeks apart. VelaShape, on the other hand, can be performed in a single longer session or broken up into multiple shorter sessions.

Why Get Body Contouring in the Fall?

You might think that the season for getting beach body ready is over, but the truth is that the cooler autumn months can be the perfect time to start your body contouring treatment. First, it’ll take a few months to see your final results, so you’ll be ready to strut your stuff in time for next spring and summer.

Secondly, summers are often a busy time of year, so you may want to wait until your schedule settles down, the kids are back in school and you have some time for yourself.

Lastly, you’ll probably want to treat yourself to a new summer wardrobe once your new shape fully develops, so starting your treatment in the fall will give you plenty of time to see results and go on a shopping spree before next summer rolls around.

Make Sweater Weather Work for You with Nonsurgical Body Contouring
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Make Sweater Weather Work for You with Nonsurgical Body Contouring
Curious about nonsurgical body contouring benefits? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile of Denver, Colorado explains four big advantages.
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