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After Weight Loss Liposuction

Liposuction and Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

Pointing out the problem parts of body

With the ability to help create beautiful contours and balance proportions by targeting specific trouble spots, liposuction can be an excellent tool for tackling stubborn pockets of isolated fat. A skilled liposuction surgeon can use an artistic eye to perfectly polish your curves by permanently removing fat cells. Yet, while lipo is ideal for fat loss, what about weight loss? Is liposuction a good option if you’re hoping to shed extra pounds?

Lipo’s Limitations

For all the many ways liposuction can help improve your body, liposuction is not and never has been a weight loss tool. While lipo can remove locally isolated fatty deposits, this body contouring procedure works best for patients who are already within close range of their goal weight.

At most, liposuction only results in an actual weight loss of a few pounds, because the purpose of lipo is to contour the body, not remove high volumes of adipose (fatty) tissue. Most weight loss goals are more significant than would be possible through lipo, so it’s really only appropriate as a finishing touch for problem areas like the love handles or muffin top.

Lipo after Weight Loss

While it’s not a viable option for weight loss, lipo’s real strengths lie in its body contouring capabilities. Once you’ve reached your target weight, liposuction can become a very attractive option. Serving as an excellent complement to your commitment to a healthier new lifestyle, lipo can really enhance your hard-won weight loss victory by putting the cherry on top of your total transformation.

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