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Is Your Bottled Water Making You Look Old?

Fit young woman drinking water from bottle in park. Horizontal shot.

Did you read the headline above and have to do a double take? Well, it turns out that bottled water itself may be a contributing factor to one of the most dreaded signs of aging: smoker’s lines (or water bottle lines!) around the lips and mouth.

The Problem

Though it may surprise you, there is a science to why drinking from water bottles and other lip-pursing activities like using straws and smoking create wrinkles around the mouth. Years of cumulative damage from repetitive muscle motions around the lips and mouth can create deep creases in the delicate surrounding skin. Though it may be troublesome to think that something as simple as drinking water might lead to facial aging and wrinkles, there are some steps you can take to minimize the damage from these types of repetitive muscle movements that can create unsightly lip lines.

The Solutions

First and foremost, slather on the sunscreen. This is a must-have for any anti-aging skincare regimen. In addition to this step, consider switching to a wide-mouthed reusable water bottle, which can provide equivalent hydration without requiring the pursing of lips.

If you have significant creases around the mouth – whether they are smoker’s lines or “water bottle lines,” there are some noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatments that can make a significant improvement: opens in a new windowskin resurfacing and wrinkle treatments like chemical peels, IPL photofacials and injectable dermal fillers can all improve the look of these lines.

Don’t skip the water – it’s key for keeping skin looking youthful and supple. But you might want to consider a less damaging (and more environmentally sustainable) reusable water bottle with a wider mouth before making a trip to a medical spa to undo some of the damage and keep your mouth and lips looking young and beautiful.

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