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Is Video Conferencing Making You Wish for a More Youthful Face?

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Do changes to your work environment have you spending a lot of time on Zoom or similar video conferencing platforms? For many men and women, this is the new norm. Unfortunately, seeing your reflection every day on your computer screen may have you wishing for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The good news is plastic surgery for an aging face could turn back the clock and have you ready for your next video conference.


Are video chats and conferences making you hyperaware of your appearance? Consider procedures that can boost your confidence.

In your heart, you feel like you are young and vibrant. However, the person you see on the screen looks much older. A facelift can help address sagging skin on your face and neck, as well as jowls and deep creases around your mouth that often contribute to an older appearance. For a facelift, incisions are placed around the hairline and ears to minimize any scarring. During the procedure, the surgeon lifts the skin and supportive tissue of the cheeks, jawline and neck. The average facelift procedure takes three to four hours and requires a two-week recovery period.

Eyelid Surgery

Sagging or drooping upper eyelids or puffiness and bags under your eyes can give you a tired appearance. Eyelid surgery can address all of those issues. You can opt for an upper eye lift for drooping eyes and sagging skin, a lower eye lift for those pesky bags or a combination of both to give your eyes a complete makeover. Surgeons place the incisions in the natural creases of the eyes to minimize scarring. The procedure lasts one to two hours, with the surgeon working to remove excess skin and fat while tightening the surrounding muscle. Recovery typically takes about a week. The results will have you looking youthful and bright-eyed for your next video conference.

Brow Lift

If a falling brow is giving you heavy forehead creases, permanent frown lines, drooping eyebrows and a constant angry and tired appearance, a brow lift might give you back your youthful look. This procedure takes one to two hours, with the surgeon placing small incisions hidden within the hairline. This procedure gently lifts the brow, helping to reduce frown lines and give you a much younger appearance. Recovery can last for one to two weeks.


When you think of rhinoplasty, you probably think of correcting nose shape and size or repairing issues after an injury. Most people don’t consider rhinoplasty a procedure that can help them look younger. However, a recent study shows that it can. Research showed that those who had rhinoplasty were perceived as looking younger in post-procedure pictures. Rhinoplasty can remove a dorsal hump, reshape the nose, define the tip of the nose, change nostril size, straighten a crooked nose and even improve breathing. The procedure typically takes between three and four hours and requires one to two weeks for recovery. So, if you have been unhappy with the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty can help give you the nose you want as well as a more youthful appearance.

Combining Procedures Can Offer Additional Benefits

In many cases, your surgeon may suggest combining some of these procedures to achieve the results you desire. For example, they may recommend an eye lift with a brow lift to address multiple signs of aging in your eye area. When meeting with your surgeon for a consultation, be sure to clearly explain your goals. This will help determine what procedures will work best for you.


Is Video Conferencing Making You Wish for a More Youthful Face?
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Is Video Conferencing Making You Wish for a More Youthful Face?
Do you have video conferencing blues? Dr. Drew Davis from Folsom, California explains how facial surgeries can give you the youthful appearance you desire.
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