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Is the Third Time the Charm? 3 Signs Your Implant Revision Needs a Revision

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The popularity of breast augmentation has given rise to a number of low-price surgeons who claim expertise in breast implants. Unfortunately, the dangers of price-first breast augmentation—that is, choosing a surgeon for the bottom financial line rather than his or her technical expertise—has made breast implant revision increasingly popular as well. Since many of these already-unqualified surgeons tend to perform the revision procedures too, this doesn’t really solve the original problem. If you’ve already had one round of breast revision surgery and still aren’t happy with the results, here are three signs a second revision might be in order.

1. Implant Malposition

If your implants sit too far back toward your armpits, dip below the inframammary fold or have joined forces into a “uniboob” by eliminating your cleavage, another revision surgery is definitely called for. A skilled breast implant revision specialist can repair and reinforce the surgical pockets to keep implants properly positioned.

2. Implant Size

Incorrect implant size is one of the most common reasons women pursue an initial breast surgery revision, but that doesn’t mean the size will necessarily come out perfectly the second time around. Take the time to find a board certified plastic surgeon who walks through all your options with you so you’re sure to pick the correct size for your goals during your second revision.

3. Capsular Contracture

The other most frequent reason for needing implant revision surgery is due to capsular contracture, the excessive and sometimes painful growth of scar tissue around the implants. If proper procedure isn’t followed during revision surgery, though, there’s an increased chance of recurrence. A secondary revision procedure—performed properly—may help limit the potential for a repeat performance.

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