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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Is Rhinoplasty after a Broken Nose Necessary?

A broken nose isn’t the end of the world. For many people, it’s no more than just another day on the field! But broken noses can and do cause people to become self-conscious of their noses. If you have recently, or in the past, suffered from a broken nose and haven’t had it fixed, then this article is for you.

What Is a Broken Nose?

A broken nose is when there is a break or crack in the inner part of your nose – specifically the bone or cartilage. This will come about due to trauma and is a common injury in many sports. A broken nose can come about from:

  • A smack in the face with a hockey puck
  • Walking into a window or a wall
  • A netball to face
  • A fall
  • A traffic accident (those airbags aren’t as soft as they look!)
  • Your sparring partner in the ring
  • Assault by another person
  • Any number of other sports!

You will usually have an idea that you have broken your nose once this has happened. The blow will cause pain on, in, and/or around your nose and you might get bleeding out of your nostrils, too. Following the blow, you may experience swelling and bruising, a stuffy nose and a strange noise coming from your nose when you try to move it. You might even notice that the shape of it has changed, and it now appears crooked or bent.

Do I Need to Fix My Broken Nose?

It’s not always necessary to fix a broken nose. Many broken noses go down of their own volition and don’t require medical attention. You should immediately seek medical attention if:

  • You nose will not stop bleeding
  • There is a significant change in the shape of your nose
  • Your nose is leaking a clear fluid
  • You can’t breathe properly

In a majority of cases, if you see a doctor they will tell you to wait until the swelling goes down to see if there are further problems. In a minority, you will require immediate surgery. DO NOT try and “push” your nose back into place yourself or get anyone else to do it for you who isn’t trained. This can and does lead to the situation becoming worse. Just because they do it in the movies doesn’t mean you should too, kids!

Do I Need Rhinoplasty?

If you’ve waited by yourself, or on doctor’s orders, to see if your broken nose has healed and it hasn’t, then it might be time to start thinking about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can correct not only external deformities of the nose, but internal deformities, too.

A rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can help repair:

  • The shape of your nose
  • Nasal obstruction inside that may be leading to breathing problems or a stuffy nose
  • Remove excess or displaced cartilage inside your nose that may be causing issues

If you are concerned about any of these things following your broken nose, then it’s recommended to book in an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

A plastic surgeon will be able to assess the severity of your broken nose and either recommend for or against having rhinoplasty.

Choosing a plastic surgeon that is experienced in performing rhinoplasty surgery is imperative to getting the results that you want out of your surgery. An inexperienced rhinoplasty surgeon may not be able to fix your problem correctly. Check with local surgeons in your area and choose a few to go in for initial consultations with to get an accurate idea of what is required. Each will be different and you will be surprised at how much you learn.

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