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Is Permanent Makeup Really Forever?

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Permanent makeup has been a huge trend in the beauty industry for some time now. There is a great reason for it being a huge trend since it brings a lot of benefits. It helps people with self-confidence, it keeps your look fresh at all times and it is safe and healthy. However, even though it is called ‘permanent’, does this makeup really lasts forever? In this article, we will explore how long it lasts, and no matter if it fades, it can still be beneficial.

What’s Permanent Makeup?

First things first, we need to discuss what this beauty treatment is. Permanent makeup or pigmentation is often considered to be a tattoo, and that’s not wrong. The process of getting a tattoo and a permanent makeup treatment uses the same techniques and practices to make a certain body part more beautiful. The difference is that tattoos are artwork, while permanent makeup uses flesh-colored tones and is deliberately made to look natural and real. What’s more, most people can’t tell a difference between regular makeup and tattooed ones.

Also, tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists may go through some courses. You need to learn how to map out the area, as well as how to use your tools. And if you’re interested in courses or finding out more about the tools and pigments, you can find all that information at PhiBrows Canada.

How Long Does It Last?

Permanent makeup is made to stay on the skin for 1 to 5 years. Of course, the results and their period of staying n the skin will depend on the technique, devices used and pigments chosen. Also, there is the factor of individual body reaction to the treatment as well as how frequently you exfoliate your skin.

This type of makeup will slowly fade if it’s not refreshed regularly. It can also disappear completely but that takes a very long time. It may happen for the treatment to fade entirely only when micropigmentation wasn’t done deep enough and if the pigment is not saturated enough.

What Causes It to Fade?

Even though these treatments last for a long time, that doesn’t mean they last forever and that they don’t fade. Depending on which pigment is chosen and where it is placed, some treatments may fade sooner than others. For example, if the treatment is done on the eye or lash line, it can last for about one to three years. On the other hand, if it is done directly on the skin, it may take up to five years to fade.

But, what causes fading? There are a few factors that cause permanent makeup to fade. These include the skin type, age, how well the skin reacts to the pigment, amount of exposure to the sun, products you use on your skin daily, etc. You don’t have control over some of these factors, while you can make choices in your lifestyle to affect the other factors – skin products, exposure to the sun, preservation of the treatment, etc.

How to Extend the Results?

Even though fading is inevitable, there are ways to extend the results of permanent makeup treatments. The best way to take full advantage of treatments is to make sure to make smart skincare choices. For example, use proper SPF to protect your skin from the sun so the sun won’t damage both your skin and permanent makeup results. The UV rays can bleach micropigmentation and you want to avoid that. Also, it is important to choose the right products for your skin and make sure to avoid strong acids or retinol in your daily skincare routine. Additionally, you should always take the advice from your permanent makeup artist on proper aftercare and protection!

As you can see, permanent makeup treatments and their results don’t last a lifetime. However, they can last for more than 3 years if you take good care of them. Some treatments can last you up to five years, and it is of utmost importance to go for additional retouch treatments if you want even longer results.

Nevertheless, permanent makeup is highly beneficial and it can boost your confidence, as well as save you a lot of time and money on makeup. That is why people often go for those treatments and proper care can make them last longer.

Is Permanent Makeup Really Forever?
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Is Permanent Makeup Really Forever?
Even though it is called ‘permanent’, does this makeup really lasts forever? We explore how long it lasts, and even if it fades, it can still be beneficial.
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