Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?

Laser Hair Removal

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”- Isn’t it true for every type of work of our daily life? Yes. The saying also applies to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal mainly is done by operating a laser on a treatment area of the body, which will damage the hair follicle. Many women and men find this process the most preferable to get rid of unwanted hair in a lasting way. Compared to many other hair removal options like waxing and electrolysis, laser hair removal can also be a good overall value.

But unfortunately, laser hair removal can also cause some harmful side effects if key safety measures aren’t followed. Let’s dive into a few of these possible side effects so you know what to watch out for when considering laser hair removal.

Excessive Heat

This procedure needs a lot of heat to remove the hair by laser. If you are a patient with darker skin, you have to remember that your skin conserves more melanin which is the darker pigment and these pigments will consume more heat from the laser. So, it may cause burn to the skin. It always seems like a mild spot but there are some cases where it becomes a severe burn.

So you have to be careful when you will go through this procedure.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the after effect of the process is the darkening of the skin. It stimulates the production of melanin which will make the skin darker. And hypopigmentation causes lightening the skin after the laser hair removal. It may cause the problem by inhibiting the melanin production.

Laser hair removal works better on whiter/lighter skin tones with dark hair, not on darker skin. These problems normally happen with those patients who have darker skin. But this should be temporary and normally disappears in a few weeks.

Skin Problems

Skin-related side effects are the most common problem of this process. Your skin can turn into the red for a few days and it can also create itching problem during or after the process. Also, if you have a sensitive skin, a mild bruising can happen on your skin. It may also cause scab on the treated area.

Eye injuries

You have to protect your eyes during the treatment otherwise your eyes can get affected by the laser beam. The patient and the operator both have to wear protective eyeglasses.


Infection is not a common concern following laser hair removal but significant for your skin. Infection can happen in your skin if you don’t clean the area of hair removal. So as it is a rare case but it is not like that it won’t happen.

Summing It Up

Here’s the worst case scenario that can happen to you. Most of the cases happen when you go through this operation by an unprofessional and not qualified person. An unprofessional technician may know the procedure but it increases the risk of damaging the skin. Don’t rush where you find a cheap price. A low budget can easily mean a low-quality treatment.
So, always make sure that you have gone through the features of the clinic than make the appointment to start your treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?
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Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?
If you are considering laser hair removal, you might be searching to find out if laser hair removal is harmful. This article weighs in with some possible side effects.
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