Is Hair Transplant Surgery Only for Those with High Incomes?

Hair Transplant SurgeryMen do not want to lose their hair and do not want to get bald. But the statistics say that 65% of men will lose their hair by the age 35 and 85% of men over 50 years old have significant amount of thinning.

If a man inherits the gene for male pattern baldness, then he is vulnerable to a hormone called DHI (dihydrotestosterone) which weakens the hair over time. However, DHI is not effective for the hair at the back and sides. This hair is permanent, which is why it can be used for hair transplantation.

Today, hair transplantation is the only long-term solution for hair loss. Hair transplantation is simply re-allocation of the hairs. The hair at the back and sides are relocated to the balding and receding parts. Since the surgeon is relocating the hair resistant to DHI hormone, the transplanted hair won’t fall out. In the future, cloning the hair follicles and transplanting to the balding parts may be the next generation of hair transplantation. Still it seems there is a long way to go.

High Costs of Hair Transplant Surgery

The cost of hair transplantation varies from country to country. In Europe and USA, the price is between 4 USD to 8 USD per graft. In one session, surgeons extract and implant on average approximately 2500 hair follicles. So one needs to pay around 12,500 USD for his hair transplantation.

Since not only men at high income level like celebrities but also men at average income level want to get back their hair and would like to get rid off balding and thinning hair, they search for alternative destinations for their hair transplantation with cheap prices.

In Europe, Turkey is one of the top destination for hair transplantation. Some of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have already performed over 10,000 hair transplant surgeries in their career, with some of them specializing in hair transplantation rather than performing many different types of cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, the Turkish Government is pushing medical tourism by providing incentives to clinics. Besides incentives provided, the cheap labor cost and cheap rent expenses are another factors contributing to Turkey as a destination for hair transplantation.

Traveling Abroad for Hair Transplantation?

Choosing another destination for hair transplantation other than your own country means planning for flight tickets, accommodation, airport transfers and translators. Some of these burdens are solved with the packages provided by hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

One of the well-known all-inclusive hair transplantation package providers is MCAN Health in Istanbul, Turkey. They understand how it would be difficult for a person to go abroad for hair transplantation, so they handle every detail of their patients’ journey to ensure a stress-free experience. A man suffering from hair loss who wants to solve his problem only needs to contact and send some head pictures for an online consultation. MCAN Health surgeons will propose a treatment plan and the rest will be organized by their staff.

If you consider traveling abroad for hair transplant surgery, then the procedure suddenly becomes much more affordable for those of an average income level.

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