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Tummy Tuck

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

Undeniably, a great tummy tuck can create excellent results. We’ve all seen before-and-after photos, news stories, and celebrity glamor shots that show the possibilities in detail. But for most of my patients, the bigger question is: “is the physical improvement really worth the time and energy, and the normal level of risk, that surgery always involves?”

For my patients, the answer is definitely “yes”; here are some reasons why.

1 – The Results

For women experiencing the aftereffects of pregnancy, weight loss, or time, the benefits of a tummy tuck seem obvious: less abdominal fat; a smoother, flatter abdomen; and a bikini-flattering belly button are all big improvements. Less obvious factors my patients often tell me about often include an increase in confidence, greater enjoyment in choosing and wearing flattering clothes, and even improved satisfaction in social and romantic activities.

2 – The Risks

This seems like a strange ‘positive’ to emphasize, but the fact is that many women worry about surgical risks and scarring, when good candidates for surgery will actually find these downsides are very minimal. Scarring will vary depending on the extent of your procedure, but most of my patients find that after 8-12 months visible scars have flattened and faded dramatically, and will continue to smooth and pale over time. Normal surgical risks are always a possibility, but a reliable surgeon will employ excellent staff, superior facilities, current techniques and – importantly – consistent follow up to help ensure safe and fast healing after your abdominoplasty.

It’s important to be realistic about the downsides and inconvenient aspects of surgery. Surgical drains are a possibility with some surgeons, recovery places limitations on activity and exercise, and some pain and discomfort are normal during healing. Depending on the patient, healing can temporarily change your day-to-day routine in large and small ways; for example, back pain and difficulty standing up straight are two common issues during the first week. But without a tighter, fitter-looking tummy and no excess skin and flab to impact your appearance and self-confidence, most women find the “new you” is entirely worth it.

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