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Breast Augmentation Breast Lift

Is a Breast Augmentation + Lift Ideal for Your Figure?

Have you been contemplating a breast augmentation? If you’re looking for added perkiness as well as size, you may find that a breast augmentation plus lift is a more suitable option. Those women with some breast sagging in addition to their desire for extra volume may obtain better results from this procedure.  

More Perkiness Required

As combining procedures can reduce sagging as well as increasing volume, a breast augmentation plus lift is often chosen following childbirth, weight loss or simply to reverse the effects of aging. The internal bra technique can further boost results in the right candidate.

   Breast augmentation alone will add volume to your breasts, however, a lift will deal with any issues related to sagging.

What’s Involved in a Breast Lift?

The specifics of your individual breast lift procedure will be discussed during your consultation. In general terms, though, the surgery may involve resizing the areola and repositioning the nipple. An incision, which may simply circle the areola or may continue down the breast, allows the skin to be tightened and any excess removed.

Busting Common Misconceptions

It’s important to identify common misconceptions when considering any type of plastic surgery. Two of the more common myths about breast augmentation and lift are that only one surgery will be required and that there will be no visible scarring. While scarring can be kept to a minimum, a certain amount is inevitable with any surgery. Similarly, individual circumstances may necessitate staging your procedures. These, along with any other concerns you may have, should be discussed with your plastic surgeon during consultation.

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