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Investing in Your New Look – 4 Reliable Options

When you really need to look your absolute best, there are dozens of quick-fix treatments that can give you the ultimate boost you need. For example, a trip to the tanning salon or a nail salon may help you feel attractive for a few weeks, but true change requires a real investment. Discover various transformative treatments that require an investment of time, effort, and money, and see how they can advance your appearance to heights never thought possible.

The Difference Between a Quick Fix and a Beauty Investment

Treatments you can get done quickly and at a good price are always appealing and they surely can do a lot to enhance your look, but these changes are temporary. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” typically applies here.

On the other hand, treatments like porcelain veneers or a brave new hairstyle are more of an investment into your new look. For one, they’re long-term or permanent decisions, which means they involve much more consideration on your part. While the price tag is higher on these services, it’s matched by a result that provides a more substantial change and lasts a lot longer. To those who truly need to enhance their look, here are a few procedures that provide the noticeable transformation you’re looking for.

4 Ways to Invest in a Better Appearance

From making a fitness commitment to freezing the fat off your body, each of these methods will cost you a little extra time, effort, or money, but they’re reliable ways to obtain the major improvements to your look that you desire.

1. Cryolipolysis – Using freezing temperatures to wither the fat away

If you’re first thought is, “Not another fat reducing treatment”, it’s important to know that this one is deeply rooted in science and supported by organizations as legitimate as the Mayo Clinic. In fact, it’s the only procedure that uses cooling to reduce fat that’s been approved by the FDA. Here’s the fundamental breakdown of cryolipolysis, including what it does and how you can experience it for yourself.

The Key to Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezes at Higher Temperatures than Other Tissue

The core reason that cryolipolysis is so reliable and effective is that fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the tissue that surrounds them. This means that a regulated temperature can be used to kill off many of these fat cells while leaving the surrounding cells unaffected. The body then processes out these dead fat cells, giving you a tighter, more chiseled look.

Where to Try Cryolipolysis for Yourself

If you’re curious about this remarkable, scientifically-proven procedure, you should first know that it’s often called CoolSculpting. Many reputable hospitals that offer cosmetic procedures may offer CoolSculpting as it’s grown in popularity recently. A CoolSculpting treatment is a major investment in your body’s appearance and will cost anywhere between $1500 to $4000.

2. Porcelain Veneers – Perfecting your smile despite its faults

Almost everyone has something they’d like to change about their smile. Whether it’s one tooth that points a different direction than the others or severe staining due to your love of coffee, these flaws can diminish the glow of your smile.

With porcelain veneers, you don’t have to fix these dental problems – simply mask them with a beautiful replacement while strengthening your teeth. Porcelain veneers are an ultra-thin shell that bonds to the front of your teeth, providing a major enhancement in how your smile looks. Not only does it massively upgrade your appearance, but each veneer also strengthens the tooth it’s attached to.

Veneers are a true investment in perfecting your smile

There’s only one way to learn whether veneers are the best options for your teeth: schedule an appointment with a dentist who specializes in cosmetic services. For example, people in Florida can visit Dr. Darlene Hart, a dentist who specializes in various cosmetic treatments, including veneers. After your consultation, you’ll be well on your way to a brand new smile and a new you.

3. Commit to a Fitness Program – Get That Toned, Chiselled Look

Note the first word of the section: Commit. That means signing up for multiple months of a fitness program and investing the time and effort into sticking with it. While joining a gym is always an easy option, for many people, it’s simply not enough. Some people need the commitment of a fitness class or personal trainer who will hold them accountable for showing up.

The Difference Between Self-Training and Working With a Personal Trainer

If you’ve ever had a gym membership or a fitness commitment that left your workout up to you, then you know that there’s always distractions, and sometimes they cause you to skip a workout or cut it short. On the other hand, a coach or personal trainer will fill that space that was missing when you were alone in the gym – they’ll push you beyond your comfort zone, forcing you to do exercises you’ve never seen before. And with it will come results you’ve never had.

The Many Ways to Invest in a Fitter Version of You

Fitness opportunities take many forms, but by actually going consistently and sticking to a fitness routine, you’re sure to see meaningful results. Consider these options when looking for a new workout plan that will leave you looking your absolute best:

  • Find a hardcore trainer who teaches Boot Camp style classes outdoors.
  • Join a martial arts school or kickboxing gym.
  • Find a Power Yoga school that will get you limber and toned with consistent training.
  • Search Yelp in your area for creative, highly-reviewed fitness classes.
  • Try a competitive cycling gym to see if you want to put more time into it.
  • CrossFit gyms are reliable places to meet friends and do tough workouts.

Your Time and Effort Will Directly Determine the Results

Whichever fitness method you choose, the key is consistency. The truth is, just casually going to the gym or only going twice a week is not going to create the chiseled body you’re looking for. To improve your look will take dedication to your workouts, and with this dedication, you can achieve a body you never dreamt possible.

4. Botox Treatments – Smoothing out the wrinkles in your face

No longer just for Hollywood actresses, Botox injections are a valuable way to reduce wrinkles in your face. While not permanent, each treatment can last up to 3 to 4 months, and you can return for more as often as you’d like. Women have traditionally been the main patients for Botox treatments, but now these treatments can benefit men as well.

What Can An Investment in Botox Treatments Do For You?

The main reason people seek out Botox treatments over other procedures is to reduce the signs of aging and look younger. Botox relaxes the muscles it’s injected into, making it ideal for cosmetic facial treatments that remove wrinkles. It may take a few sessions before you and your esthetician know the ideal dose of Botox to use and where it works best in your face, but once you do, attaining that look is just a matter of keeping up with your appointments.

The Many Uses of Botox Injections

Botox is excellent for numbing specific muscles and that means it has a wide range of applications. Although best known for its ability to remove wrinkles, Botox is also used to:

  • Aid in certain dental treatments
  • Cure migraine headaches
  • Helps against hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating
  • Cramps in the hands
  • For those with incontinence, it’s used to increase the urine stored in the bladder.

Ready to Try Botox to Get Rid of Your Wrinkles? Here’s Where to Start

The type of place that typically offers Botox services is called a medical spa. Very often, these places will have estheticians, in addition to nurses, who are qualified to provide Botox treatments. At med spas like Radiance Wellness and Beauty in San Diego, Botox is delivered by a staff of well-trained estheticians. To try this extremely popular treatment yourself, simply find a med spa near you that provides the service and make an appointment.

Is Your Perfect Look Worth the Investment?

Nobody can decide how much treatment or how much of a time investment is best for you. If you’ve hated your wrinkles for years or have refrained from smiling due to flaws on your teeth, then choosing to invest in your look will invariably enhance your quality of life as well. Few decisions are as personal as the decision to get cosmetic treatments, but to those who care about looking their best, it’s always worth the investment.

Investing in Your New Look - 4 Reliable Options
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Investing in Your New Look - 4 Reliable Options
If you really care about enhancing your looks, then investing in treatments that can help is a big decision, but one that can change your life forever.
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