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How & When to Hit the Gym after Getting 360-Degree Liposuction

Hit the Gym

Liposuction, like other body contouring procedures, is a popular cosmetic treatment aimed at helping women and men achieve a fitter and sleeker body shape. While these procedures aren’t weight loss tools, they can help you lose stubborn fat that just won’t go away with diet and exercise.

After getting 360-degree liposuction, you might be eager to get back to your regular workout schedule so you can enhance your results even more. So if you’re wondering if you can exercise after liposuction and how long you might have to wait, read through this handy recovery timeline.

What Is 360-Degree Lipo?

First, you might be wondering what the difference is between traditional liposuction and 360° lipo. Both treatments use a technique called tumescent liposuction, which first uses a sterile saline solution to loosen the targeted fat cells. This makes them easier to remove via suction, which is the second part of the process.

The main difference is that traditional liposuction typically only addresses one specific area of unwanted fat, while the lipo 360 technique targets your entire torso at once, including your:

  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Back

The First Few Days after Liposuction

For the first few days after getting home from your liposuction appointment, focus on resting and relaxing. You’ll probably feel a little stiff or sore and will have some swelling and bruising. These are normal effects after just about any surgical procedure, but they should be manageable with pain medications prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon or even over-the-counter medications.

At this very early stage of recovery, you’re going to want to take it easy and limit your physical activity.

First 2 Weeks

Arrange to have some extra help around the house for the first few days after getting liposuction.

You will still have significant swelling for the first 2 weeks after 360 lipo. Your cosmetic surgeon will most likely send you home with specific instructions about how and when to wear a special compression garment. Follow those guidelines as closely as possible to help reduce swelling and stay comfortable while you continue to heal.

During this time, you’ll still need to limit exercise and physical activity, but it is good to get up and moving every once and a while, even if that means just walking around your house. This will help to promote healthy circulation so your body can heal efficiently.

3-Week Mark

Most people are able to start introducing light cardio exercises into their routines around the three-week mark, but make sure you check with your cosmetic surgeon first. Brisk walking, cycling and other non-strenuous cardio activities are good choices at this stage of recovery.

You’ll still need to avoid more physically demanding exercises, especially those that directly target the areas treated with 360-degree liposuction.

Weeks 4 to 6

After 4 to 6 weeks of liposuction recovery, you should be able to get back to your normal workout routine. Still, each time you introduce a new exercise back into your routine, take it slowly. Always listen to your body, and don’t push yourself to do more than you can comfortably handle.

Keep in touch with your cosmetic surgeon throughout your liposuction recovery to make sure you’re on track to see the excellent results you’d hoped for. Keeping up with a regular exercise schedule well after liposuction will help you to enjoy those same excellent results for years to come.


How & When to Hit the Gym after Getting 360-Degree Liposuction
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How & When to Hit the Gym after Getting 360-Degree Liposuction
Can you exercise after liposuction? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gordon Andan of New York Surgical Arts outlines a general recovery timeline after getting lipo.
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