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How to Solve Stress Acne

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Generally, acne is caused by pollution, oil, dead skin, and hormonal changes. You can improve the skin’s condition with regular exfoliation, using the right skincare products, and eating healthy. However, sometimes the cause of acne is not the reasons mentioned above, but stress.

Yes, you read it right! Stress acne is a real phenomenon and worsens the existing condition. It leads to changes in hormones, affecting the body’s healing process. Studies have shown that the slow healing process causes the pimples to stay for a longer time and is vulnerable to severity. Let’s understand stress acne in detail!

What Is Stress Acne?

Many people believe that stress causes pimples. However, that’s a misconception. When you feel anxious, your body releases the cortisol hormone. This hormone produces sebum (natural skin oil) that clogs your pores and provides breeding grounds for bacteria to grow. And that’s how tension or anxiety causes skin breakout.

In order to improve the skin’s condition, it is essential to lower the stress and the cortisol level. Here’s how.

How to Reduce Stress Acne

Different people have different ways of dealing with anxiety and nervousness. However, when the tension is affecting your skin, following the tips given below becomes necessary.

Wash Your Face Twice

Washing your face twice a day helps remove dirt oil and opens the skin’s pores. Dermatologists suggest using the glycerin-based cleanser for sensitive skin and salicylic acid and retinol cleanser for oily skin. Also, make sure to moisturize your face properly to promote faster healing.

Try Natural Remedies

To treat your acne, you need to lower your stress. According to the experts at the purple penthouse, natural remedies such as magic mushrooms help relax the mind and body with its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Low stress will also promote quality sleep, facilitating the healing process.

Limit High Sugar Food

In 2016, a study revealed the types of food that worsen pimples. It includes dairy products, greasy food, foods rich in Omega-6 fats, and more. One thing common about all these items is that they tend to spike your blood sugar, causing inflammation. It makes your pimple more painful and even causes scars.

Restrict Caffeine Consumption

Caffeinated beverages dehydrate your body and skin, making them more vulnerable to breakdown. Therefore, if you are stressed and also have acne, reduce your caffeine intake. Make sure your body is hydrated by drinking water or juice. It will help remove toxins from your body and give you a natural glow.

Try Yoga And Meditation

Last but not least, you should try yoga or meditation to keep your stress at bay. It will help improve blood circulation, providing oxygen to the cells. It will also help prevent signs of aging and make you look beautiful.

Wrapping It All Up

Nearly every person experiences acne breakout at least once in their life. It is very natural. However, if it causes immense pain, affects your self-confidence, and causes more stress, you must try the measures given above. Learning how to keep the stress under control will help improve your skin and overall well-being.

How to Solve Stress Acne
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How to Solve Stress Acne
In order to improve the appearance of stress acne, it is essential to lower stress and cortisol levels. Find out some tips on how to do that here!
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