Breast Augmentation

How to See Natural-Looking, Subtle Breast Augmentation Results

Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentation is no longer synonymous with larger-than-life breasts that are very obviously “done.” In fact, there’s been a growing trend in recent years towards smaller, more modest implants for a very natural, subtle look.

Rather than “going big or going home,” lots of women are now searching for natural-looking breast implants the suit smaller breasts and body frames. Here’s how to achieve that coveted look.

  1. Opt for Smaller Breast Implants

    Even if you want to go up a cup size or two, erring on the side of smaller implants can help you to keep it smooth and natural. It’s important to remember that your natural breast tissue will also aid in increasing your size, so your implants don’t necessarily have to be as big as possible to get the look you want.

    Additionally, don’t be too focused on matching an implant size to a bra cup size. Cup sizes can vary based on the brand and style of the garment, so stay focused on how different sizes will look and feel on your body.

    When it comes to natural-looking breast implants, a little goes a long way.

  2. Stick to Silicone

    Your two main implant options are saline and silicone. While there are perks to each type, silicone implants tend to look, feel and move more naturally than saline implants. This is especially true if you have naturally smaller breasts with less breast tissue to camouflage your implants. In this case, saline implants can have a rippling effect, so silicone will likely be the better pick.

    Within the category of silicone breast implants, there are a number of different profiles, shapes, sizes and types, so talk with your plastic surgeon about your options and which ones make the most sense for your body type and goals.

  3. Factor in Your Natural Curves

    The key to seeing very natural-looking breast augmentation results is to plan your procedure with your natural body proportions in mind. You want your new breasts to look balanced and in proportion with the rest of your body. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking fake and overdone.

    If you already have a substantial amount of natural breast tissue, you shouldn’t need to get huge implants to still see a beautiful result.

  4. Talk about Implant Placement

    The placement of your implants can have a significant effect on their final appearance. As the name suggests, submuscular implants are placed beneath your chest muscles. This can be a good solution for women with smaller amounts of natural breast tissue who want a very natural look and feel.

    Subglandular implants are placed on top of your chest muscles and beneath your natural breast tissue. While not everyone is a good candidate for this implant placement option, it is something to consider if you have enough natural breast tissue to conceal the implant.

  5. Work with an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

    As you can see, there are quite a few different breast augmentation options you’ll need to choose from. To help you make the best decisions to get your dream breast augmentation, it’s paramount that you work with an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon.

    When searching for the right fit, always check for board certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, before and after photos, cleanliness and organization of the office and online reviews. Don’t be afraid to schedule more than one consultation to get a second or even third opinion before deciding which route to take.

How to See Natural-Looking, Subtle Breast Augmentation Results
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How to See Natural-Looking, Subtle Breast Augmentation Results
Want natural looking breast implants for small breasts? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Kolder of Camarillo, California shares five key tips.
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