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How to Plan Your Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and motherhood come along with so many rewarding experiences. However, many women find that they have trouble getting their pre-pregnancy bodies back, even with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If this sounds like you, a mommy makeover may be able to help. Read up on some of the benefits of a mommy makeover and how this procedure can address specific trouble spots post-pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck

One of the most common plastic surgeries to include in a mommy makeover is the tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty. During pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal skin and muscles stretch and expand in order to accommodate her growing little one. After having a baby, then, many women are left with loose skin and/or muscle tissue that can be difficult or even impossible to restore through diet and exercise alone.

That’s where a tummy tuck comes in. During this procedure, your plastic surgeon can remove and tighten excess skin and muscle tissue to help you achieve a smoother and more toned look and feel.


If you want to include a tummy tuck in your mommy makeover, it’s likely that you could also benefit from liposuction. While a tummy tuck can address sagging skin in your belly area, it cannot remove excess fatty deposits that might not be responding to your workout routine.

Liposuction, on the other hand, can remove isolated pockets of stubborn subcutaneous fat that just won’t budge using traditional weight loss methods. So if you’re struggling to lose those love handles or belly pooch after pregnancy, your mommy makeover might benefit from adding liposuction into the mix.

It is worth noting that there is a specific type of tummy tuck called the C.L.A.S.S.® tummy tuck, that combines traditional abdominoplasty with liposuction to more effectively sculpt and shape the abdominal area. One of the biggest benefits of the C.L.A.S.S.® tummy tuck is that it does not require any drains, so the risk of complications during surgery is reduced and you won’t have to worry about dealing with uncomfortable drains during your mommy makeover recovery.

Breast Enhancement

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the size, shape and position of your breasts, which is why lots of women choose to include some form of breast enhancement in their mommy makeover. Keep in mind that if breast drooping is a concern, you will probably benefit from at least a breast lift, which can help you achieve a perkier and firmer look and feel to your breasts.

If you’re looking for a little more volume, breast implants may be the way to go.

Don’t forget that you can combine a breast lift with your implants for more comprehensive final results.

On the other hand, some women find that pregnancy and breastfeeding has increased the size of their breasts significantly enough to interfere with their active lifestyle or their day-to-day comfort. If this is the case for you, your plastic surgeon may recommend including a breast reduction as part of your mommy makeover.

Getting the Most of Your Mommy Makeover

The most beneficial aspect of a mommy makeover is that you can pick and choose which procedures to include and which to skip. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at all of your options, don’t worry. A skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with plenty of mommy makeover experience should be able to ease your concerns and help you plan the perfect procedure to suit your needs and goals.


How to Plan Your Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy
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How to Plan Your Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy
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