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How to Plan Your Mommy Makeover for the Best Results

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For women who want to address trouble spots after pregnancy and breastfeeding, a mommy makeover can be a wonderful option. This comprehensive plastic surgery procedure often includes breast enhancement, tummy tuck and liposuction, but each mommy makeover is customized to meet your unique needs. The best mommy makeovers start with careful planning.

Be a Good Candidate

The ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are women who have completed their families and have concerns about their post-pregnancy figures. You should be in good health, close to your target weight and have realistic expectations about your makeover. Women who haven’t had children may also benefit from a mommy makeover to reduce the signs of aging, illness or significant weight loss.

Pick the Right Time

Because of the changes pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause, it’s important to plan your mommy makeover for the right time. If you schedule your mommy makeover too soon after having a baby, the final changes to your body may not be evident and the plastic surgeon’s recommendations may not end up fulfilling your vision for a new look. It’s best to wait 6 months after weaning your baby to give a plastic surgeon the most accurate information to work with.

Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Any doctor can legally perform a mommy makeover, but a board-certified plastic surgeon has been through years of additional training in the technical and aesthetic aspects of plastic surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon has the skill and experience to evaluate your figure as a whole and focus on trouble spots to make the best recommendations about how to plan a mommy makeover that boosts your confidence and produces the best results.

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