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Breast Augmentation

How to Plan Your Breast Augmentation to See Results by Your Wedding

wedding breast augmentation

Very few things in life are more exciting than planning your wedding. The list of details needing your attention is virtually endless, and chief among them is the bridal look. Every woman wants to be her most beautiful on her wedding day. The right dress, the perfect accessories, gorgeous hair and makeup. Having everything come together just right makes the day that much more special.

Many women use the happy occasion as inspiration to move forward with a plastic surgery procedure they’ve been wanting. If you’re like a lot of brides-to-be, you may be thinking about having breast augmentation before your wedding. With some careful planning, you can be fully recovered and ready to show off your gorgeous new curves on the big day.

Have Surgery as Far Ahead of Your Wedding as Possible

Clearly, you’re not going to be ready to walk down the aisle right after surgery—and the last thing you’ll want to do when your breasts are still swollen and tender is squeeze them into a form-fitting dress. Immediately following your breast augmentation, you’ll have major activity restrictions for a few weeks and you’ll probably be wearing a special surgical bra for a period of time. Keep this in mind as you count down to your wedding, and don’t schedule any strenuous activities too soon after your breast augmentation procedure. Also remember that your recovery may be longer if you combine your breast augmentation with a lift.

After you have breast augmentation, you’ll need time to rest and heal.

Even after your initial recovery period, it takes some time for breast implants to soften and settle into place. During the first several weeks to a few months after surgery, it’s common for implants to look and feel hard and seem to sit too high. You’ll look and feel so much better if you give it some time before donning The Dress (not to mention your wedding night attire).

Use Your Downtime Wisely

Since you have to kick back and relax for a while after having breast augmentation surgery anyway, use your recovery time to mark some items off your wedding prep checklist. Sit down and tackle those invitations, finally figure out the seating arrangement of least resistance, or book the rest of your vendors. Your recovery period can also be a good time to finally write your vows or put together the Pinterest-worthy favors you want to make for your guests. If you have bridesmaids, you may want to call on them for some help during this time.

Speaking of bridesmaids, you should note that you won’t be able to drink alcohol for a couple of weeks prior to or after having breast augmentation. Keep this in mind as you plan events that may involve a few drinks, like bridal showers and bachelorette parties. It’s probably wise to let your squad know what’s going on before they put a down payment on that party limo.

Don’t Rush to the Altar (or the Plastic Surgeon’s Office)

You shouldn’t rush major life decisions of any kind, from finding the person you’ll marry to picking out breast implants. Much like putting together the perfect wedding, great breast augmentation results don’t just happen. You have to decide on the right size and type of implant and figure out the implant placement method that makes sense for you, among other decisions. This is why it’s so important to select a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon who can explain your options and help you achieve your most beautiful possible results.

If you want breast augmentation before your wedding, start planning now. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your upcoming nuptials so you can get your surgery scheduled accordingly.


How to Plan Your Breast Augmentation to See Results by Your Wedding
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How to Plan Your Breast Augmentation to See Results by Your Wedding
Wondering about getting breast augmentation before your wedding? Bellevue plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand offers tips for brides who want to get breast implants.
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