Breast Augmentation

How to Plan Breast Augmentation Before Your Wedding

Breast Augmentation

Your significant other popped the question and you said yes! Now the planning begins. Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. For some, this means hitting the gym or trying to shed a few extra pounds. However, brides that have considered breast implants often decide that making changes before the wedding is the way to go. Breast augmentation is among the top surgical option many brides consider before their big day, but there are many things to consider before you take this step.

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Right Away

After you say yes, the wedding planning begins. Where will you get married? What color flowers? How many bridesmaids? It can often be overwhelming. If you are considering breast implants for a wedding, the sooner you make the initial consultation, the better. Surgery isn’t something that happens the next day. You will need to meet with your plastic surgeon, discuss your goals, and schedule your surgery. And then the healing begins. Stress can reduce healing time, so planning your procedure before you really jump into full wedding-planner mode allows you time to recover and get back to normal activity.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Heal

When considering breast implants before your wedding, it is important to understand the healing time for breast augmentation recovery and create a timeline for yourself. While everyone heals from a procedure differently, this timetable gives you an idea of the ideal times to consider. At a minimum, you want to give yourself at least 3 months before your wedding.

  • Initial recovery — After your breast augmentation surgery, you can expect an initial healing time of up to 6 weeks. Avoiding stress during this time is essential, so making sure you have open time to recover is a must.
  • Full recovery — After 6 weeks, you should begin to feel like your normal self. Your body is healing, and your new breasts are beginning to settle. At this point you can get back to regular activities and begin the wedding planning.
  • Optimal results and wedding ready — Within 3 to 6 months after your breast implant procedure, the skin and muscle in your breast area should naturally settle and you should see your breast augmentation results. Around this time, you can begin dress shopping for your wedding day!

Plan Early So You Can Find the Perfect Dress

The biggest decision for a bride is choosing her wedding dress. This involves trying on many dresses, finding the perfect one, and then having alterations as needed. With breast augmentation, it can take a few months before implants settle into position, giving you your final size and shape. Shopping for a dress before this occurs can mean additional alterations. Planning your procedure early avoids all of this and allows you to find the perfect dress! Once you hit the 3- to 4-month mark after surgery, you should be ready to go dress shopping.

Having breast implants for your wedding is a big decision and one that takes time and planning to achieve the best results.


How to Plan Breast Augmentation Before Your Wedding
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How to Plan Breast Augmentation Before Your Wedding
Choosing to have breast implants before your wedding requires planning. Dr. Daniel G. Kolder of Pacifica Center in Camarillo shares his expert advice.
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