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How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Implant Revision

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There are a number of reasons why women may require breast implant revision surgery, including complications such as capsular contracture, changes due to the natural aging process and a poorly performed initial breast augmentation.

Whatever your reason for considering breast implant revision surgery, though, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which plastic surgeon to pick. This list can help you check off the qualifications that you should be looking for in a plastic surgeon for your revision procedure.

1. Go for Board Certification

If you’re seeking a breast implant revision because you’re unhappy with the results of your initial breast augmentation, you can appreciate the importance of choosing a plastic surgeon who is board-certified. This important credential ensures that your plastic surgeon has completed a rigorous residency program, in addition to extensive medical schooling and training.

2. Ask about Breast Implant Revision Experience

Performing a breast augmentation and breast implant revision require two different skillsets and experience levels. Even if a plastic surgeon has lots of experience putting implants in, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is the best plastic surgeon for breast implant revision.

Don’t be shy about asking your plastic surgeon how many revision surgeries he or she has performed in the past, and how many of those surgeries were former clients.

3. Look at Before and After Photos

Most plastic surgeons now post before and after photos of breast revision results on their websites. If this is an option, review these photos to get a better idea of the quality of results that you could expect with a particular plastic surgeon. If you don’t see any photos posted, make a phone call or ask to see some during your in-person consultation.

4. Check Online Reviews

While it’s true that you can’t believe everything you come across on the internet, you can get a pretty good idea about a breast revision plastic surgeon’s reputation by scrolling through reviews online. Obviously, you want to see mostly, if not all, stellar reviews from real people who have had past experience dealing with that particular practice.

If you know a friend or family member who had a breast implant revision, getting personal referrals is even better than looking online.

5. Understand Why Revision Might Be Necessary

In some cases, breast implant revision is unavoidable. Complications like capsular contracture, infection and implant ruptures can happen, although working with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can help to minimize these risks. Still, some incidences are just not preventable, no matter how skilled your plastic surgeon.

If this is the situation that you’re currently in, you might consider using the same plastic surgeon who performed your breast augmentation for your breast implant revision.

On the other hand, if you had a bad experience with your previous plastic surgeon, or if you’re unsure if a breast revision surgery is necessary, it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion.

6. Schedule a Consultation

The only way to know for sure if a breast implant revision plastic surgeon is right for you is to schedule a consultation to sit down one-on-one and discuss your needs and goals. While you’re visiting, take note of how welcomed you feel in the office, how clean and organized the waiting room, consultation and exam rooms are and if you’re able to establish a good rapport with the plastic surgeon.


How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Implant Revision
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