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How to Maximize Your CoolSculpting® Treatments for Better Results

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If you’re considering CoolSculpting®, of course you want the best possible results. As the only FDA-cleared treatment of its kind, CoolSculpting has become extremely popular among those men and women looking to sculpt and shape their silhouette without resorting to cosmetic surgery. However, “non-surgical” doesn’t mean the same thing as “instant results.” Is there anything you can do to help your CoolSculpting results develop even faster?

Choose Your CoolSculpting Specialist Carefully

The first step towards achieving the best CoolSculpting results as fast as you can involves carefully researching the CoolSculpting specialist you plan to work with. While the specifics of any CoolSculpting results will vary from person to person, it makes sense that getting it right first time will be more time-efficient.

Aside from faster results, you should only ever work with an experienced, qualified CoolSculpting specialist for your own safety and well-being. While considering the procedure, look for recent experience and plenty of it. Before and after photos can also be a good indicator of quality. Speaking to a CoolSculpting specialist will also let you see which of the top treatment areas you may like to target.

However you choose to aim for faster CoolSculpting results, don’t forget that you still need to avoid future weight gain for the best long-term outcome.

How Your Diet Could Spell Faster CoolSculpting Results

Again, this may seem a fairly obvious point, but discussing your diet is definitely worth mentioning. Just as you adopted a healthy diet and exercise regimen to get to the point of considering CoolSculpting, maintaining these habits could be beneficial after you’ve visited your CoolSculpting specialist.

The beauty of opting for a non-surgical fat reduction procedure is that you won’t need any downtime afterwards, so you’ll be free to continue your usual activities. Once the changes in your body start to become evident, you could well find that your motivation is better than ever. After all, why go to the effort of getting CoolSculpting only to let the benefits go to waste? Keep those thighs, love handles, muffin tops and tummy pouches under control!

Hit the Gym after CoolSculpting

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your ideal weight, treat this as the perfect opportunity to kickstart some new sporting or active hobbies. For seeing CoolSculpting results faster, you can help your body along the way by hitting the gym, the swimming pool, the football field or taking part in another exercise of your choice. On that note, there’s no magic lotions, potions or pills to speed up the weight loss process, welcome as they may be!

Impatience Won’t Help CoolSculpting Results Appear Faster

It’s only natural that you’ll want to see fast CoolSculpting results rather than waiting for the benefits, but the truth is that you’ll need to have some patience, just as you do with any other body changes. Alongside doing what you can in terms of lifestyle, remember that patience is a virtue and give your body time to do its thing. As your CoolSculpting specialist is likely to tell you during your initial consultation, the results can generally be seen around 3 weeks after your treatment, taking up to around 3 to 4 months to fully flush out the fat cells that have been eliminated.


How to Maximize Your CoolSculpting® Treatments for Better Results
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How to Maximize Your CoolSculpting® Treatments for Better Results
Wondering how you could get faster CoolSculpting results? Dr. Martin Everhard and the CoolSculpting specialists of Savannah, Georgia share some tips.
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