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How to Know When You Meet the One…for Your Plastic Surgery

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It’s normal to feel a little anxious when meeting with a plastic surgeon for the first time about a tummy tuck, lipo, or other surgery. You may be wondering if you made the right decision in choosing them, and whether or not they will be able to give you the results that you’re hoping for. It’s important to remember that not all surgeons are created equal, and some are better suited for certain procedures than others.

So how do you know if you’ve met the one? Here is what to look for when picking a plastic surgeon.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

The first thing you should notice when you meet your potential surgeon is how comfortable they make you feel. This is extremely important, as you need to be able to trust them implicitly in order for the surgery to go smoothly. If they make you feel nervous or uneasy, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

They’re Knowledgeable and Experienced

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your surgeon is knowledgeable and experienced in the procedure you’re looking to have done. This is vital for ensuring that the surgery goes off without a hitch.

They Don’t Hesitate to Answer Your Questions

Your surgeon should have no problem answering any and all questions that you may have, including about mental preparation for surgery. If they seem evasive or hesitant, it’s a red flag that they may not be the right fit for you.

Their Previous Results Align with Your Expectations

When you meet with a potential surgeon, be sure to ask to see before and after photos of their previous patients. This will give you a good idea of what kind of results you can expect from them. If their results don’t align with your expectations, it’s best to keep looking.

They Speak Openly with You about the Risks

Your surgeon should be upfront and honest with you about the risks involved in the surgery and the real truths about your procedures. They should also make sure that you understand all of the possible complications before moving forward.

They Have a Good Reputation

Finally, you’ll want to do some research on the surgeon’s reputation. Talk to friends or family who have had similar procedures done, and see if they would recommend the surgeon. You can also look online for reviews. If they have a good reputation, that’s a good sign!

Their Office Feels Warm and Welcoming to You

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s actually quite important. The environment of the surgeon’s office can tell you a lot about them as a person. If their office feels cold and sterile, that may be indicative of their bedside manner. On the other hand, if their office is warm and inviting, it shows that they care

If you find a surgeon who meets all of these criteria, you can be sure that you’ve found the right one for you. So don’t hesitate to book that consultation today!


How to Know When You Meet the One…for Your Plastic Surgery
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How to Know When You Meet the One…for Your Plastic Surgery
Do you know how to pick a plastic surgeon? Dr. Francesco Campanile at Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver has some great tips to follow during your quest.
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