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How to Keep it Real When Planning Your Breast Augmentation

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Planning your breast augmentation, or any cosmetic surgery, is exciting. But as you start picturing the results, it is critical that you keep your breast augmentation expectations grounded in reality. If you don’t, you set yourself up for disappointment.

Unrealistic Cosmetic Surgery Expectations

Cosmetic surgery can make incredible changes to your body and boost your confidence — breast augmentation included. But cosmetic surgery is a science and an art, not magic. You don’t wake up from surgery ready to walk a runway, and directly after your procedure, things can be a little weird. 

Many patients focus on the end result, and not the journey to get there, or they expect that a procedure will radically change their lives. It is important that your realistic expectations for breast augmentation factor in the recovery period and that implants can transform your chest, but not your whole life. Grounding your expectations in reality will ensure greater satisfaction with your experience.

What to Expect from Breast Augmentation

The best way to get on the right course is to know what breast augmentation is actually like. Here are some key facts that will help you ground your expectations in reality.

Odd Shapes and Uneven Breasts

Directly after surgery, and for up to 3 months, your breasts may look a bit “off.” Because the skin is tight with the new addition of the implant, it takes time for things to stretch and settle. Torpedo shapes and square boobs are not uncommon, and if you don’t know to expect them, it is easy to fear that your surgery has been botched.

There is also the fact that your breasts may look uneven. One may be larger than the other, or sit higher on the chest. Once again, this doesn’t mean anything went wrong, just that the implants and skin need to settle into position. 

Weird Nipple Placement

At first, your implants may seem to fill the tissue above the nipples too much and barely reach the skin below them. This is corrected once the implants drop and fluff. Drop is when the implants move lower and into their ideal positions, and fluff is when they fill in the tissue below the nipple.


As you have noticed, results take time. And one reason for this is post-surgery swelling. This often makes the chest feel hard and can alter how the shape of the breasts looks. Swelling is at its worst in the first 2 weeks after augmentation. By 3 months, it should be reduced enough that you have a clear idea of your final results. However, there may still be some lingering swelling for up to a year after your procedure. 

Uncomfortable Recovery

As with most surgeries, there will be a recovery period, and it isn’t the most comfortable thing to experience. While everyone heals differently, you can expect some pain, stiffness, bruising and limited range of motion for a few days. You might struggle with basic things, like getting dressed or doing chores. While this isn’t terrible, if you aren’t keeping it in mind as you plan, it can hit hard.

In essence, results take time, and before you reach the end of your journey, things can be weird and uncomfortable. But, if you head into surgery with the right expectations and work with a qualified surgeon, you should be happy with your final results. 

How to Keep it Real When Planning Your Breast Augmentation
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How to Keep it Real When Planning Your Breast Augmentation
What are realistic expectations for breast augmentation? Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa explains how to frame your vision.
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