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How to Improve Breast Surgery Revision Results

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery While breast augmentation carries a clear goal of aesthetic improvement, the results may not always live up to expectations. In this case, breast surgery revision offers a solution to improve appearances as well as complications such as capsular contracture. Yet, breast surgery revision itself carries a number of surgical challenges. What are some ways to ensure improved revision results?

Delivering an Accurate Diagnosis

Determining an accurate diagnosis for the reasons revision surgery is needed is an important first step toward ensuring a successful outcome. For example, visible implant rippling may be due to insufficient tissue coverage, or because of the implant size itself. Pinpointing the exact culprit is essential to developing a treatment plan that will address the underlying cause.

Aggressive Approach for Capsular Contracture

When capsular contracture is the primary reason for considering breast surgery revision, surgeons have the choice between a capsulotomy or a capsulectomy. In most cases, capsule release alone is at best a short-term solution that sees very high recurrence rates of capsular contracture following revision surgery. The better choice is the more aggressive approach: removing the scar tissue capsule completely while replacing the implants at the same time.

Don’t Discount Aesthetics

Whether breast surgery revision is performed simply to adjust implant size larger or smaller, or for more serious concerns like capsular contracture, keeping aesthetics as a high priority is essential for positive surgical results. For example, something as small as addressing nipple and areola size and orientation can have a big impact on how the patient feels after surgery. Keeping appearances at the forefront when considering the right treatment approach is essential.

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