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Tummy Tuck

How to Heal Faster after a Drain-Free Tummy Tuck

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One of the biggest benefits of choosing a drain-free tummy tuck is that the recovery process is usually less complicated and sometimes even shorter than that of a traditional abdominoplasty. That said, careful planning before and after your tummy tuck can help make your tummy tuck recovery even more of a breeze.

Follow these five plastic surgery recovery tips to help you speed up your healing process and fast-forward to a slimmer new you.

1. Take Enough Time off Work

After your tummy tuck, you’ll probably be eager to start feeling better and enjoying your beautiful results, but rushing yourself back to work isn’t going to help you see your new contours any faster. Instead, allow your body the time it needs to simply rest and recuperate after plastic surgery.

While most people are able to return to work within about two weeks after their drain-free tummy tuck, your timeline will depend on factors like how physically demanding your job is and how you’re feeling a few weeks after your procedure.

2. Move Your Body

You should by no means be running marathons while you’re still recovering from plastic surgery, but you also don’t want to sit still for too long. Every now and again, make sure you get up and lightly walk around the house to promote good circulation and aid in the healing process.

A drain-free tummy tuck can make it much easier and more comfortable to move around during recovery.

3. Kick the Habit

This is most likely not the first time you’re seeing this advice, but it really is so important that you’re able to quit smoking for at least several weeks before and after getting plastic surgery. Otherwise, smoking can get in the way of a smooth tummy tuck recoveryand could jeopardize the quality of your results.Even better still, many people find that quitting smoking for their tummy tuck is excellent motivation to kick the habit for good.

4. Eat Right

Don’t be too focused on trying to dietas you recuperate from plastic surgery. While you certainly don’t want to load up on candy and carbs, you also don’t want to limit your diet so much that your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to properly heal. Aim for eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables plus whole grains and lean proteins instead of restricting your caloric intake.

To help make this step a little easier, plan a big grocery trip before your tummy tuck and prepare a batch or two of healthy meals that you can easily toss into some Tupperware containers and freeze. It can also be helpful if you have another adult around to help you with meal prep for the first few days or so.

5. Follow Your Plastic Surgeon’s Advice

Above all, remember to follow your plastic surgeon’s aftercare guidelines. These might include instructions likewearing a special compression garment for several weeks after your procedure, taking certain medications to help manage pain or discomfort and keeping your abdominoplasty incision clean and dry. The more closely you’re able to follow his or her advice, the more quickly and effectively you’ll be able to recover.

If you have any questions at all while you’re recovering from your tummy tuck, don’t hesitate to give your plastic surgeon’s office a call and ask.


How to Heal Faster after a Drain-Free Tummy Tuck
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How to Heal Faster after a Drain-Free Tummy Tuck
Looking for some plastic surgery recovery tips? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile of Denver shares his advice on healing after a tummy tuck.
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