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How to Get Long Eyelashes without Makeup

Long Eyelashes

Everyone looks amazing when they wear makeup. Practically anyone can make their skin look flawless, their lips look fuller, and their eyes look more attractive. But do you wear makeup all the damn time? No one does right? And as we all know, regular use of cosmetics like that might make your skin more dry and prone to aging. So what are the things you can do that don’t require wearing makeup every day, every time?

In this article, I’m sharing some secrets that will help you grow long eyelashes naturally. But first, you need to know the reason for your lash loss, if there is there any. It’s natural to lose a few lashes daily, but if you notice that you are losing eyelashes excessively, you might have to address certain issues and habits.

How to Stop Lashes from Falling Out

Many people follow what others do. There are several beauty trends that we see everywhere. But if you truly want to promote your lash growth naturally, you first need to get a handle on eyelash loss. There are a few things that contribute to lass loss such as:

  • Rubbing Your Eyes: Rubbing your eyes never does any good. It increases the chance of pulling some lashes out each time, and it can also contribute to weakening of the tissue above or below the eye, causing sagging and aging over time.
  • Choice of Cosmetics: Eye makeup is pure evil to your lashes. Not only can it make your lashes fall out but it also plays a huge role in eyelash growth. There are various eyelash makeup pros and cons but in my opinion, the cons largely outweigh the pros. One of the major examples is makeup remover. If your eye makeup does not come off easily, it increases the risk of multiple lash fall-out. And this indeed can result in follicle damage. More than that, it can also bring irritation to the delicate areas of your eyes which then will increase the urge to rub them.

How to Promote Eyelash Growth

There are many ways to promote the growth of your lashes. Some are simpler and some are a bit tricky. But all of the ones below are natural. Here are some of the best natural ways to get curved, longer lashes without makeup step by step.

Green Tea

Green tea has many advantageous properties, for example, flavonoids. Plunge a cotton ball in a brew of green tea and smear it over your eyelashes. The tea will invigorate and help clean the follicles, encouraging eyelash growth.

Lemon Olive Oil

Olive oil can condition and protect your eyelashes. Upgrade the effectiveness of olive oil by including lemon fundamental oil, which is a germicide and antimicrobial operator. (If you don’t have lemon oil, you can drench lemon strips in olive oil for several days.) Apply the lemon and olive oil blend to your lashes at bedtime and to a gentle wash in the morning.


Invigorate development and advance sound lashes by brushing your eyelashes two times every day with a lash brush. Brushing assists with circulating the characteristic oils along the length of your lashes to help keep them solid.

Appropriate Diet

You can help advance lash development by eating a diet that is high in protein and nutrients. Nourishments like fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt are on the whole great decisions that can add to solid lashes. Soy protein is additionally valuable for encouraging lash development.

Eyelash Serum

My last eyelash tip is a custom mixture I like to call my “Eyelash Thickening Serum.” Coconut oil is pressed with advantageous unsaturated fats that can help fortify your lashes. Also, a smidgen of lavender basic oil gives extra sustenance! There are a number of benefits of using eyelash serum.

To make it, just fill a little screw-top bottle with fractionated coconut oil, and include a drop of lavender fundamental oil directly on top. Secure the top and shake tenderly to join. If you’re not interested in making an eyelash serum at home, you can always depend on good products available in the market and online stores.

Parting Words

Now you know what kind of things you need to avoid and what you need to continue to get long lashes. By following the above mentioned steps you can have longer curved and natural eyelashes without the need to wear mascara.

How to Get Long Eyelashes without Makeup
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How to Get Long Eyelashes without Makeup
It is natural to lose a few lashes daily, however, if you notice that you are losing excessively, take a look at these tips to promote your own eyelash growth.
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