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How to Get Great Cleavage from Your Breast Implants

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Many of my patients often express that they’d like to get great cleavage with their breast augmentation. Although some improvement to cleavage may be possible with breast implants, your anatomy and the natural location of your breasts plays a large role in how close together your implants can be placed.

Your Natural Breast Placement

The best way to imagine how you’ll look with breast implants is to picture your existing breasts, only larger—their placement will still be exactly the same. The curvature of the rib cage and the location of your nipples will determine how your implants can be positioned. For example, if your breasts are far apart and implants are placed too close together, the nipples would no longer be centered on the breasts.

Any credible cosmetic surgeon will tell you that trying to surgically force the breasts together for the sake of cleavage is not a good idea and will likely deliver very unnatural results. For the best outcome, allow your implant placement to be determined by your natural anatomy and invest in a supportive push-up bra to create sexy cleavage for those special occasions when you want an extra boost.

Can Implants Improve Cleavage?

Although your anatomy will largely dictate where your implants can be placed, there are some ways augmentation may be able to give you more cleavage. Larger implants may better fill out the center area between breasts, while subglandular implant placement could help also. Some surgeons may even incorporate fat transfer to add fullness to the inner breasts. Ultimately, though, some women have breasts that are naturally farther apart, and there’s not a lot that breast implants can do to significantly change that distance.

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