How to Get a Natural-Looking Facelift

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A “celebrity facelift” could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are considering a facelift, like all of my patients you want flattering, natural-looking results that will help restore your youthful appearance. Often, women and men considering facial cosmetic surgery are concerned mainly about wrinkles, and this is a legitimate concern; but a whole host of other small improvements come into play with these procedures, and all of them must be executed properly to ensure your facelift results look truly excellent.

What’s “Natural”?

A naturally young-looking face is not wrinkled, but also is not tight or strained-looking. Volume and fullness in the cheeks is a major factor to help youthful skin look youthful. The neck is another important area to consider; a smooth face may not look completely natural if it is not complemented by a smooth and well-defined jawline. To give you a natural looking facelift, plastic surgeons need to focus on all of these areas working together to prevent the dreaded “wind-blown” look and make sure your results look 100% you.

For a more natural looking facelift, the surgeon will need to adapt your procedure to you uniquely. Depending on your needs, he or she might suggest combining facelift with a forehead lift or brow lift, which will help raise the brows and smooth wrinkles to help further restore a refreshed, youthful appearance. A properly tailored facelift restores facial appearance in top-priority areas that are most important for you, and can often help improve your sense of confidence and vitality at the same time.

An experienced plastic surgeon has excellent understanding of the anatomy of the face, but also of the many variances in how faces change over time. A worthwhile surgeon will go far beyond a “standard” procedure and will work carefully to give you a natural looking facelift tailored to you on every level: from deeper adjustments to the muscle and fat of the face, to surface-level improvements in how the skin drapes on top. Effective techniques will reduce sagging skin and creases dramatically, to reverse the visual signs of aging and make you look years younger.

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