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Tummy Tuck

How to Avoid Super Spooky Results from a Tummy Tuck

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You want your tummy tuck to go off without a hitch so you can see smooth, natural-looking results. A little planning and research before your procedure can go a long way when it comes to getting the best results from a tummy tuck. After all, your abdominoplasty should be anything but spooky. Keep these tips in mind for an optimal outcome.

1. Determine If You’re Done Having Children

The first step is to figure out if you might be a good candidate for a tummy tuck at the moment. One major factor will be whether or not you’re finished having children. While it certainly is possible to get a tummy tuck before a future pregnancy, it’s very likely that you’ll require a revision procedure shortly down the road if you do have more kids afterwards.

To see the best results, try to plan your abdominoplasty for a time in your life when you’re confident that you’ve completed your family.

2. Get Close to Your Target Weight

Abdominoplasty primarily removes and tightens loose skin and muscle tissue, but it doesn’t do much for excess fat. Even if you combine a tummy tuck with liposuction, these are still not weight loss procedures, and you won’t lose a significant amount of weight. Thus, you’ll see the best results if you reach or come very close to reaching your target weight before your procedure.

The C.L.A.S.S. tummy tuck combines abdominoplasty with liposuction and doesn’t require a drain.

3. Pick a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Once you’ve decided that a tummy tuck may be right for you, it’s time to pick a plastic surgeon. During your search, look for qualifications like board certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, affiliations with accredited medical associations and before and after tummy tuck photos.

It’s also not a bad idea to read through online reviews and give a few plastic surgeons’ offices a call before scheduling a consultation or two.

When you do go in for a consultation, pay attention to things like:

  • How clean and organized the office is
  • How friendly and helpful the staff members are
  • How easy it was to discuss your goals with the plastic surgeon

4. Stop Smoking

If you currently smoke, your plastic surgeon will ask you to take a break from cigarettes and other tobacco products for several weeks before and after your tummy tuck. Smoking can increase the risk of complications during surgery, plus it can slow down your body’s healing process and hinder your recovery.

Be honest with your plastic surgeon about whether or not you smoke, and try your best to follow his or her pre-procedure instructions.

5. Follow Tummy Tuck Recovery Guidelines

After your tummy tuck, there will be a few important guidelines to remember, too. Your plastic surgeon should send you home with detailed instructions, including how to clean and dress your incision, which medications and supplements to take and which to avoid and how long to reduce physical activity.

Another benefit of the drain-free C.L.A.S.S. tummy tuck is that you won’t have to worry about emptying or recording drain fluid, and you’ll be able to shower as soon as you get home if you’d like.

Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon throughout the recovery process and don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns that might pop up along the way.


How to Avoid Super Spooky Results from a Tummy Tuck
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How to Avoid Super Spooky Results from a Tummy Tuck
Wondering how to get the best results from a tummy tuck? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile of Denver, Colorado shares some tips.
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