Eyelid Surgery

How Much Younger Can Eyelid Surgery Help You Look?

Eyelid Surgery

You should consider an eyelid surgery as the first line of defense on aging. After all, not only are the eyes the window to your soul, but they’re also one of the parts of the body that are most susceptible to aging. Over time your eyes can start to look tired, baggy, puffy and even swollen. The skin above and below your eyes can wrinkle. All of these effects can make the rest of you look older prematurely. But how much younger could an upper or lower eyelid surgery help you look?

Years Younger?

It’s difficult to say how many years younger you will look after an eyelid procedure because everyone has different results. Some sources say that people that who opted for facial surgery, including eyelid procedures, look an average of 5.2 years younger than their real age. The number of years increased when different procedures were combined. Although a specific number is hard to say, it is safe to predict that people that have eyelid procedures will look much less tired and their eyes will no longer have a puffy or saggy appearance.

Adding BOTOX® for Complete Results

If you’re looking for an even more impactful result to your eyelid surgery, you may want to consider adding BOTOX® for a more comprehensive overall look. The combination of eyelid surgery plus BOTOX® injections can make for a smooth, wrinkle-free and rejuvenated look.

In addition to the possibility of adding BOTOX®, some people elect for a brow lift at the same as their eyelid surgery. Make sure to research all your options and whether eyelid surgery or a brow lift would be of the greatest benefit and start your journey to a younger you.

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