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How Many Years Can a Facelift Remove?

My patients often ask me how much younger a facelift can make them appear. When considering facial rejuvenation surgery such as a facelift, the aim for most is to minimize noticeable signs of age and provide a more youthful appearance. However, when discussing facelift results, I find that focusing on an improved and refreshed end result can be much more useful than talking in terms of a specific number of years.

Exact Results May Vary

The reason that using an exact number of years as the frame for expected facelift results can be inadequate is because facelift results can vary for each individual. While the aging process tends to follow certain patterns, each person’s face ages in unique ways reflective of genetics, lifestyle and other variables. This means that the procedural steps of a typical facelift may make one patient look a decade younger, and another only a few years.

A Comprehensive Approach Can Produce the Best Results

I find that the best way to help my patients achieve their cosmetic goals with facial rejuvenation is to use a comprehensive, customized approach. This may mean including procedures like eyelid surgery, a brow lift or fat grafting to produce a look that not only appears younger, but also naturally refreshed and healthy. The last thing many patients want is the “wind tunnel” look that can result from an overly aggressive approach to tightening the skin without the balance of added facial volume and a delicate rejuvenation of the upper face.

By choosing an experienced facelift surgeon who can analyze and address your needs holistically, a facelift can not only take years off of your appearance, but also create a natural, refreshed, and balanced look.

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