How Long Does a Facelift Last for the Average Patient?


We all like to look and feel our best. After all, people have been undergoing different forms of facial plastic surgery for thousands of years. Before you embark on the process of undergoing a surgical facelift, you likely have many questions. One of the things that plastic surgery patients often want to know is “how long does a facelift last?” If you are going to spend time and money on this life changing procedure, it makes sense to wonder how long the results are going to be at their best.

Everyone’s Face Is Different…

Just as we all have a different appearance, we all have different muscles, nerves and elasticity in our skin – all things that affect the results of a facelift. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle both before and after the surgery will greatly improve the results, and will help you to enjoy many years with your youthful visage.

The longevity of your facelift is going to depend on a wide array of factors, including the condition of your skin (including sun damage), your age, and the pigmentation in your skin. Those who are younger than 60 typically have better results, as do those with a darker complexion.

…Just as Every Surgeon Is Different

Just as everyone’s individual appearance and physicality is different, so too is every surgeon. Their skill level, education, abilities and surgical talent will all affect your results, so it is imperative that you select a cosmetic surgeon who is at the top of their field. Make sure that you do your research – for example, Bella Vou Pantiles Clinic in the UK offers a number of helpful videos on their website, which gives patients great guidelines about things to consider when choosing a facelift surgeon for example.

So, How Long Will Your Facelift Last?

As you can see from above, your own skin and overall health will play a large role in the longevity of your results, as will the skill of the surgeon with whom you choose to work. The more invasive your procedure, the more likely it is to last for a longer period of time – but remember to factor a longer recovery time into the equation. On average, a full facelift will often have its best visible result for five to six years.

You can always choose to add fillers, injections (such as Botox) and other non-surgical facelift procedures into your regime, and these can help to prolong the results.

Tips to Prolong the Results of Your Facelift

  • Choose the right surgeon, preferably someone who specializes in facelifts.
  • Quit smoking! Smoking restricts the blood flow in your skin, and causes plenty of premature wrinkles. It can also exacerbate scarring from your facelift.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake, especially while you are in your recovery stage, as it dehydrates your skin and will hamper your results.
  • Stay in your ideal weight zone, as losing a vast amount of weight before your surgery will stretch the skin. Conversely, those who are too thin will tend to have thinning, delicate skin that wrinkles more easily.
  • Wear sunscreen, shade your face with a hat, and stay out of the midday sun.
  • Drink plenty of fresh water and stay hydrated.
How Long Does a Facelift Last for the Average Patient
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How Long Does a Facelift Last for the Average Patient
If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery, you need to know how long does a facelift last? This article gives you all of the information you need to make your facelift last longer.
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