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Breast Augmentation

How Lean Women Can See the Best Breast Augmentation Results

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Conventional wisdom states that lean women cannot get breast implants — it simply looks too out of place on their frame. However, in this case, conventional wisdom gets it wrong. Lean and athletic women can get breast implants and see excellent results. It just requires the right approach.

The Challenges of Breast Augmentation for Lean Women

Getting natural breast augmentation results can be more difficult on lean women, but it is still very much possible.

Generally speaking, creating a natural look with breast augmentation is harder on smaller women than it is on those with larger frames. First, there is the challenge of making sure everything remains in proportion. The goal of breast augmentation is to enlarge the breasts, but the smaller a person is, the finer the line is between ideal and too large.

Secondly, there is the issue of padding. Women who have little body fat are more at risk of having the outline of their implants showing. Still, smaller women can be good candidates for augmentation.

Selecting the Right Breast Implant Size

It is important to head into your consultation with a specific look, if not a specific size, in mind. Your cosmetic surgeon should take several measurements, including the width at the base of the breast and the width of the shoulders, to determine the range of options that could be suitable. From there, they can match your potential options to the results that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that the final size may not be settled on until the day of your breast augmentation, which is why you will need to be clear about the results you want before the day of your procedure. Intraoperative sizing allows the cosmetic surgeon to use temporary implant sizes inside the breast to test out potential volumes and settle on the implant that delivers results that will best match your expectations.

Expanding the Chest Tissue

Another method that can be used for breast augmentation in lean women is to have multiple procedures, focusing on first expanding the chest tissue and then finally inserting the implant of their choice. This is done when the natural breast tissue is insufficient to cover the implant properly without showing the edges.

For those who wish to minimize surgery, fat grafting is another method that can enlarge the breast to accommodate larger implants. While this is still a surgical procedure, it is generally less involved than expanding with implants. The downside is that in many cases, only around 30 percent of the transplanted fat cells typically survive.

Implant Placement

One way to hide the edges of the implant in a smaller woman is to place them under the muscles rather than on top of them. This ensures it is fully hidden. However, the volume of the implant will still be limited.

It is important to understand that under-the-muscle placement can cause more soreness during the recovery period, and you may need to avoid very strenuous exercises for slightly longer than you would with over-the-muscle implants.

Ultimately, women of any size can get breast augmentation and enjoy quality, natural-looking results. It may just take some careful planning to get there.

How Lean Women Can See the Best Breast Augmentation Results
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How Lean Women Can See the Best Breast Augmentation Results
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida explains how to make breast augmentation work for lean women.
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