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How Laser Liposuction Tightens Skin

lipo5Laser lipolysis is rapidly gaining a fan base when it comes to body sculpting. The laser energy melts the fat cells for rapid removal via aspiration, without the need for the same level of manual manipulation that traditional (tumescent) liposuction requires. Another benefit of laser lipo is that it more effectively tightens the skin’s surface after treatment, delivering smoother, more even results.

Improving Your Contours

The goal for any type of liposuction is to improve body contours overall through the permanent removal of fat cells. The power of laser energy that allows for a more gentle motion to be used during the sculpting process leads to a faster, easier recovery with reduced post operative swelling.

The laser energy accomplishes a secondary goal as well: the generated heat stimulates collagen production, which can create smoother, tighter skin as recovery progresses. This makes laser lipolysis ideal for men and women who have concerns that traditional liposuction may cause the appearance of minor skin laxity.

Is Laser Lipolysis Right for You?

One of the things to ask at your lipo consultation is whether or not your surgeon feels you’re a good candidate for laser liposuction. There are some reasons that traditional liposuction methods may be preferred, such as the need to maintain fat cell viability for use in a concurrent fat grafting procedure. However, if you are interested in liposuction and want to experience the additional benefits that laser lipolysis offers over traditional lipo, then check with your surgeon to see if he or she feels this approach would deliver the ideal outcome for your body.

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