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How Do Breast Implant CCs Relate to Bra Cup Sizes?

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One of the most common questions that women ask when planning their breast augmentation is, “How many ccs are in a cup size?” While it might sound like a simple question, the answer is a bit more complicated than it might seem. That’s because there is no one-size-fits-all breast augmentation cc to cup size conversion. This article explains why that is and what you can do instead to help you choose the right implant size for your goals.

Why CCs Are a More Accurate Measurement Than Cup Size

When plastic surgeons discuss breast implant sizes, they speak in terms of cubic centimeters (ccs) of volume, rather than bra cup sizes. There are a few different reasons for this, but it all boils down to the fact that ccs of volume is a standard, accurate measurement, while cup sizes are not.

  • Not every brand has the same sizes. Bra cup sizes can vary greatly from brand to brand, so if you wear a 36C in one brand, you might not necessarily wear a 36C in another. This makes it challenging to discuss your breast augmentation goals in terms of subjective cup sizes.
  • Different styles of bras can be different cup sizes. Even within the same brand, different bra styles can vary in size. A 36C strapless bra, for example, can fit different from a 36C push-up bra of the same brand.
  • Many women aren’t wearing the right size bra to begin with. It’s estimated that an astounding 80 percent of women are not wearing the most appropriate bra size for their body shape and size. So if you think you are currently a B cup but are really closer to a C in terms of volume, you could have a skewed idea of how big you want your implants to be.

How Many CCs Are In a Cup Size?

Very generally speaking, it takes around 150-200 ccs to go up a cup size in a smaller band size. Larger band sizes usually require more than this amount to jump from one to the next. But keep in mind that this is very subjective for the reasons outlined above.

How Do I Choose an Implant Size?

Bring in before and after photos of women with similar body types and builds to yours.

Given the complex nature of choosing the right volume for your breast implants, the best way to pick the right size is to sit down with your plastic surgeon and discuss your options in detail. Tools like rice sizer bras are usually available to help you visualize what your results might look like on your body. You can also bring in pictures to give your plastic surgeon a better idea of your specific goals.

How Do I Determine My Bra Size after Breast Augmentation?

First, you’ll want to wait to shop until your breast enhancement results have fully developed. This can take around 6 months. That way, you won’t end up with a bunch of in-between sizes as your breasts continue to change in size and shape.

When you’re ready to pick out a new wardrobe, get professionally measured. This will help to ensure that you’re wearing the proper size bra in the specific brand you’ve chosen. If you switch brands or stores, get measured again.


How Do Breast Implant CCs Relate to Bra Cup Sizes?
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How Do Breast Implant CCs Relate to Bra Cup Sizes?
Confused about breast augmentation ccs compared to cup size? Concord board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti explains the difference.
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