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Get Rid of Spider Veins with Vein Treatment

Spider Veins

I see women concerned about their unsightly spider veins at my Beverly Hills clinic on a regular basis. Although there are many prevention methods that can be practiced to reduce the chances of developing spider veins in the first place, there are only a few effective treatment methods once the veins have made their appearance. My preferred treatment is using the Nd: YAG Laser system.

Lasers have been the preferred treatment for spider veins in Beverly Hills patients for over 30 years. The use of lasers to for spider vein removal is fast and easy, yet extremely effective. Using a focused beam of light, the laser heats up each individual vein until it is destroyed. Over the weeks following the treatment, the spider vein then disappears.

The handheld Nd: YAG Laser is the one most commonly used for treating spider veins. This device penetrates the skin and the blood vessel, although it has a cooling tip to ensure very little discomfort to the patient. The laser-generated heat causes the blood to coagulate within the vein, which then causes the blood vessel to collapse. The body absorbs the nonfunctional tissue, causing the affected vein to vanish from sight.

Since the latest technologies in lasers are able to more precisely focus the treatment, surrounding tissues are not damaged or harmed in any way. The effectiveness of the Nd: YAG Laser combined with its high level of safety make it one of the most popular ways to treat spider veins.

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