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Four Reasons Liposuction Keeps Us Busy


We perform opens in a new windowliposuction in New York for hundreds of patients each year.  Just as it is for most plastic surgeons, liposuction one of the most requested procedures we do.  But the reason is not simply that “it’s popular,” although liposuction is consistently the #1 or #2 cosmetic surgery across the nation.  There are a number of advantages we bring to patients who decide to work with us.

We have expertise with both men and women.  Unlike most practices, our surgical team works with almost as many men as women.  That means we understand the concerns of each: women most often want to address the belly, hips and thighs, whereas men typically concentrate on the torso, including man boobs and love handles.  We also know that fatty tissue tends to differ for each sex.  Male fat tends to be more dense and fibrous than the fat women accumulate.  We are adept at sculpting each type.

Another advantage is our skill and experience with opens in a new windowgynecomastia.  In our 30 plus years, we have helped more patients needing male breast reduction than possibly any other practice in the country.  This procedure requires sculpting contours with a very fine, precise touch, and our liposuction expertise has developed accordingly.

We have created our own liposuction instruments.  Years ago we discovered that the tools available for body contouring did not allow us to refine body tissues as effectively and gently as we wanted, so we created instruments we still use today.

Sedation anesthesia is our choice for liposuction patients.  Also called “twilight anesthesia,” intravenous sedation anesthesia allows patients to sleep comfortably, without a breathing tube, unaware of the procedure but just lightly “under.”  It also enables patients to wake up quickly and naturally after surgery without the unwanted effects of general anesthesia.

These days, liposuction has become so commonplace that it’s tempting for patients to think they may get similar treatment and results from one practice to another.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There are many variables at play, from the certification and skills of the plastic surgeon to the protocols at each practice.  Just as for any cosmetic procedure, prospective patients seeking liposuction in New York or elsewhere should do plenty of research to understand the differences.

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