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Feeling Better with Breast Implants in Orange County

Breast Implants

Breast Implants But, Can You Feel the Difference?

Despite the popularity of breast augmentation in Orange County, most patients continue expressing the exact same major concern: how will they feel? Of course, wanting a result that looks natural is one thing, but will your implants pass the touch test? Can implants really feel like natural breasts?

Implant Misconceptions

The idea of melon-shaped, rock-hard implants is one of those breast implant misconceptions that just refuses to go away. Modern breast implants as we know them today have been in constant evolution for half a century, continuing to move toward a more natural shape and feel along the way.

It’s true that when the first attempts at surgical implants were made back in the late 19th century using hard ivory spheres, the emphasis on “natural” was entirely missing. Of course, back then, they didn’t wash their instruments before surgery either. Thankfully, an awful lot has changed since the early days of medical science.

A Natural Look

These days, women who choose breast augmentation are determined to get natural-looking and natural-feeling results. Implants are no longer shaped like grapefruit halves, but instead mimic the tapered teardrop shape of the natural breast. Even high-profile breast implants look more natural than anything in use 20 or 30 years ago.

As for feeling, the recent surge in cohesive silicone gel breast implants all over Orange County speaks for itself. The new “gummy bear” implants feel more like natural breast tissue than any other time in history.

The bottom line: If you’re worried about your implants not feeling natural — don’t. Breast implants have come a long way, and improvements just keep right on coming.

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