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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery: His and (not) Hers

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It may not surprise you to learn that today, men as well as women are interested in eyelid surgery.  But did you know that eyelid surgery for men is often performed a little differently than it is for women?

It’s true.  Since blepharoplasty is now the #2 most popular cosmetic surgery for men, plastic surgeons perform more male eyelid surgery than ever.  Instead of using essentially the same approach for both sexes, most experienced plastic surgeons fine-tune the procedure for their male patients in order to deliver results that look natural and masculine.

Upper Eyelids

When women seek eyelid surgery for the upper lids, the goal is most often complete rejuvenation.  This means the plastic surgeon will remove all redundant skin to open up the eyes, restoring a bright, youthful appearance and creating a smooth surface for makeup.

Men, on the other hand, tend to have a small, natural crease on their upper eyelids.  It’s often best to remove most droopy skin but retain a hint of that crease.  In fact, if male upper lids are too smooth, they may appear less masculine.

Lower Lids

Male eyelid surgery techniques can differ for lower lids as well.  Men who seek blepharoplasty for the lower lids often cite “bags” – or protruding fat pads – as the number one issue and saggy skin as a secondary problem.  Women are often troubled by both puffiness and wrinkles.

Plastic surgeons performing lower eyelid surgery for men reduce, reposition or occasionally remove fat deposits to eliminate the bags.  If redundant skin is also removed, most surgeons take care to leave a small amount to allow a tiny line under the eyes for a distinguished appearance.  As with the upper lids, male lower eyelids can look odd if they are overly tight.

Choosing a Blepharoplasty Expert

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for male eyelid surgery is critical for a variety of reasons.  First, it takes experience to create results that look natural for men, and as noted, the approach to surgery should not be exactly the same for men as well as for women.  Another reason is that nowadays plastic surgeons need to have several tools and techniques at their disposal to address the multiple issues patients’ eye areas present.

A plastic surgeon who treats nearly as many men as women is in the best position to serve the male patient’s needs whatever they may be: a one-time procedure or a longer term relationship that accommodates a step-by-step approach.  For men considering blepharoplasty, it pays to do some extra research to find a great match.

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