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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery for Men and Women

Eyelid Surgery

If you’re interested in blepharoplasty, you’re probably doing some research on the procedure as most of our opens in a new windowNew York eyelid surgery patients do.  It’s likely you’re aware that this form of facial plastic surgery can erase a tired, sad or angry look and rejuvenate the eyes at a generally modest cost and easy recovery.

You may also know that blepharoplasty is one of the most delicate of all cosmetic surgeries.  It takes a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon to deliver a refreshed appearance without creating a “catlike” result or a look of permanent surprise.

But are you also aware that the goals for eyelid surgery should be slightly different for women and men?

When working with our female patients, we aim to remove all redundant skin from the upper eyelids.  This allows the eyes to look youthful and bright again, and it creates a surface ready for makeup.  For male patients, we leave a small crease in the upper lid that looks completely natural.  We explain to patients that if a man’s upper eyelids are too taut, they can appear less masculine.

Our goals for the lower lids differ for women and men as well.  For women, we carefully remove fat bulges and extra skin, so that both bags and wrinkles are eliminated.  We evaluate hollows and tear troughs, and if a dermal filler or fat transfer would be helpful, we recommend adding it to the surgical plan.  Women look their best with the skin around the eyes as smooth as possible.

For male patients, the main focus of lower eyelid surgery is mainly to remove fat bags.  Lower lids need not be completely smooth for men; again, an overly tight area under the eyes may look unnatural.  We find that a tiny line or wrinkle is quite acceptable, even giving some patients a distinguished appearance.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, eyelid surgery is consistently popular with both sexes.  In 2012, it ranked as the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery choice for women and third most popular for men.

If you’re a man or woman considering blepharoplasty, you have every reason to look forward to appearing more alert and alive than you have in years.  Just be sure to choose a seasoned board certified plastic surgeon who is adept at the procedure in all its nuances.

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