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Expectations vs Reality of Skin Needling

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The idea of “skin needling” might sound scary, but what if you could benefit from improved skin concerns like scarring, large pores or rosacea? Many people have given microneedling a try and have loved their results.

Microneedling is a opens in a new windowsemi-invasive aesthetic procedure that involves hardly-felt puncturing to the top layer of skin with ultrafine needles of what’s called a opens in a new windowdermapen. When the treatment is complete and your skin has finished rejuvenating, you can see improvement in lines and wrinkles along with skin texture.

Expectations Versus Reality

The rolling wand or pen used during skin needling creates minuscule wounds, which are only skin-deep. Your body recovers it in a day or two. This procedure can kick start your skin cells to produce collagen in response to stinging sensation. This is a natural healing procedure, which boosts strength, radiance and well-being of your skin surface.

During treatment, a light stinging sensation is normal. Your provider can apply numbing cream about half an hour before the procedure for improved comfort. Most patients report a tolerable level of discomfort, which should not last following treatment.

Needling Is Only Part

This procedure is not just about microneedling the skin surface. The treatment is followed up with soothing and hydrating serums that can provide a great deal of comfort and help your skin heal well.

Microneedling also can be part of a laser skin rejuvenation or opens in a new windowradiofrequency procedure for more precise and deep treatment of a specific condition. If you have acne, the doctor can add light therapy, using blue light for its amazing quality to heat target bacteria that causes breakouts.


There are many substantial things associated with skin needling, which you expect and actually feel. You expect injuries, but they are microscopic. This treatment is not about needling, but to rejuvenate with serums, lasers and other modalities. The downtime is low, in most cases a day or two at most.

Expectations vs Reality of Skin Needling
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Expectations vs Reality of Skin Needling
People swear by skin needling to rejuvenate their skin because its stinging sensation boosts the neural system to heal with collagen production.
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