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Everything You Need to Know about Bras after Breast Augmentation

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One of the things you’ll have to look forward to after your breast augmentation is buying all new bras. Those old ones just won’t cut it anymore! But when you’re buying bras after breast augmentation surgery, there are certain things you’re going to need to take into consideration. Here are some bra buying basics for your new breasts.

Start at the Beginning

Immediately after your breast augmentation surgery, you’re going to be relegated to recovery bras. They might not be pretty, but these types of compression garments can help keep you safe, secure and comfortable while you heal. They’re specially designed to improve the stability of your implants, increase circulation to the area and provide a mild compression to aid in lymphatic drainage. Don’t skip this crucial part of your breast augmentation recovery process!

Post-op compression bras come in many sizes, styles and fabrics so you can find the fit that’s right for you and your recovery.

It’s important that you wear your compression bra at all times after your surgery until your plastic surgeon permits you to move on to regular bras. Even after that, some women choose to ease back into lingerie with supportive sports bras or fuller coverage models to start.

Let Yourself Heal

Even after your permitted to ditch the post-op compression garments, you might still want to give your body some time to heal before you run out to restock your bra drawer. It could take several months for your swelling to subside completely, which means any bra you buy before that could end up not fitting properly once you’re completely healed. In the meantime, stick to a few tried and true basics to get you through the duration of your recovery.

Turn to the Pros for the Right Fit

Once you’re completely healed from your surgery and you’re ready to buy bras after your breast augmentation, you should find the right fit with the help of a professional. Many women wear the wrong size bra to begin with, and trying to buy for brand new breasts can be even more confounding. A professional fitting can not only point you in the right direction for fit, but also for support, comfort and total body contour. The right bra can work wonders on breasts, whereas an ill-fitting one can leave them lifeless — not what you want for after your breast augmentation.

Explore Your Options

When you’re at your fitting, consider styles of bras that you might not have before your augmentation surgery. Try things that might not have worked on your old body. You may be surprised to find the right fit where you were least expecting it.

This is also your chance to play around with color, shape, material and texture. Have fun and be creative!

But Stick to In-Store Purchases

While it’s tempting to turn to the world wide web for brand new bras, you might want to stay away from impulsive online ordering for a while. Get to know your new breasts before you experiment with options you can’t try on in store. You could potentially still be slightly swollen or you might not have a good grasp on your new size just yet. Settle into your new breast size and shape and stick to in-store purchases when you’re buying bras after a breast augmentation.

Hold Off on Super Expensive Bras

In the same vein as sticking to in-store bra purchases, you might want to hold off on any super expensive lingerie until you have a complete understanding of your new size and shape and until you’re truly, completely healed. There’s nothing more devastating than burying a beautiful bra in the back of your drawer because it doesn’t fit quite right. Save your expensive purchases for after you’re completely healed and you’ve found the right fit.

Treat your new body to some brand new bras, but keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re buying bras after breast augmentation.


Everything You Need to Know about Bras after Breast Augmentation
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Everything You Need to Know about Bras after Breast Augmentation
Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Plymouth, MN breaks down the basics of buying bras after breast augmentation for the best fit, comfort and style for your new shape.
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