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Injectable Fillers Liposuction

Don’t Throw that Fat Away

Improvements in liposuction techniques have led to the development of systems that allow harvested fat to be filtered and subsequently injected back into patients. Body jet liposuction allows the simultaneous injection of fluid at the same time as liposuction allowing the fat to be washed and filtered at the same time.

Fat harvested can be injected back into patients during the primary liposuction operation and many patients opting for liposuction should consider the benefits of autologous fat transfer for other areas of the body. In the face only relatively small amounts of fat are required to help volumize the face. Increasing amounts are required to provide a breast volume enhancement with very large volumes required to produce an enhancement in the buttock area. Patients need to prioritise the areas they wish to address.

It would appear that around 50% – 75% of fat will survive long term and injection techniques are continually improving in order to improve the amount of fat that will survive long term. It is important that during the liposuction component excessive fat is not harvested that can lead to irregularities from the harvested areas. Equally there is a safe limit of fat that can be injected back in one sitting in order to maximise survival.

Autologous fat transfer is increasingly being used as an alternative to both breast an buttock implants. Patients need to be aware that the amount of volume that can be achieved is less than silicone based implants and is less predictable but for patients primarily undergoing liposuction where the fat would otherwise be wasted to remains a valuable aesthetic option.

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