Don’t Panic Yet: Why Liposuction Results Take Time

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After having liposuction to improve your appearance, you may be excited and anxious to know how long your results will take to be noticeable. That’s perfectly normal. However, It’s important to understand that the full results may not be able to be seen for some time.

It typically takes a month before you start to notice the results of liposuction. In some cases, you may have to wait a few months before you see any noticeable improvements to your body shape. At that point, while you will have an excellent idea of how you will ultimately look, the final results will be in full effect after about 6 months to a year following your liposuction procedure.

How Long Will Liposuction Results Last?

Following liposuction, your body will most likely retain its shape as long as there is no significant weight gain after your surgery. Even though fat cells in the area where you had your liposuction are gone for are removed, significant weight gain can cause new fat to accumulate where other fat cells are located. This means that the weight will be gained in different areas that were not treated by your liposuction procedure.

The results of your liposuction should be long-lasting, and maintaining a healthy weight by eating a proper diet and exercising regularly will help you continue to look your best long term.

The healing process takes time, so remember to practice patience when waiting to see results.

Why Shouldn’t You Weigh Yourself After Liposuction?

It may be difficult to stay patient when you’re looking forward to your new appearance, but all good things take time as the saying goes. While you may be tempted to weigh yourself following a liposuction procedure, it isn’t recommended.

Your body will be swollen and retaining fluid, which can cause minor weight fluctuation. This is normal and will dissipate as you continue to heal. In some cases, it may take a few months for the swelling to go down, which is when you will be closer to seeing your final result.

You may also have bruising or discoloration, which is normal even though it may not look pretty. These bruises will typically fade after a few weeks.

How You Can Help Reduce Swelling Following Liposuction

After your liposuction, you will most likely wear a tight elastic bandage or compression garment. This will compress your skin and help control swelling as your body recovers. Making sure that the garment is positioned correctly and isn’t too tight will ensure that swelling is being managed and evenly distributed to prevent asymmetry or fluid buildup. You will be given instructions as to when you are allowed to stop wearing the compression garment.

When you are able, you will be asked to move around a little bit to get your circulation moving. This will also help prevent the buildup of fluid. In addition to these measures, after a few days of taking pain medication, you may be switched to an anti-inflammatory pain reliever such as ibuprofen. This medication will help reduce swelling and bruising which are typical after liposuction.

Your After Care May Affect Your Liposuction Results

Always follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions while you recover at home. Make sure that you receive their permission to resume your usual daily activities so that you don’t injure yourself or cause damage to your suture sites. Waiting until your body is fully ready will help to ensure that you heal properly, which will put you on the path to seeing your results sooner rather than later.


Don’t Panic Yet: Why Liposuction Results Take Time
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Don’t Panic Yet: Why Liposuction Results Take Time
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