Breast Augmentation

Does Your Breast Augmentation Need a Lift?

Breast Augmentation

Many women who turn to breast augmentation to enhance their appearance often don’t consider the effects that natural processes like breastfeeding or aging can have on the breast tissue later on. However, a breast lift can offer a solution for addressing some of these changes so you can continue to enjoy a sexy figure for years to come.

Breast Changes after Implants

As much as we all would like things to be otherwise, there’s simply no stopping the aging process. Aging affects breast tissue just as it does the rest of the body, with both skin and tissue losing firmness and elasticity. The added weight of implants in augmented breasts may even cause breasts to take on a lower placement more quickly than non-augmented breasts would.

Pregnancy and nursing are other big life events that can affect breast appearance. The rapid changes in size that happen during this time period can stretch out breast tissue, leaving implants without the support they need to maintain a high, full look. Weight fluctuations over your lifetime are another thing that can impact breast size, shape and texture.

Although breast implants themselves will stay the same through all of these changes, the changes in the surrounding breast tissue can certainly affect your overall figure.

How a Breast Lift Can Help

A breast lift is designed specifically to address sagging and stretched-out breast tissue, whether you currently have breast implants or not. Since breast implants don’t affect breast shape, a breast lift can offer a winning solution for restoring a youthful silhouette that better accentuates your original breast augmentation.

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