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Does Breast Implant Revision Always Need a Lift?

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There are a variety of reasons that you may be considering breast implant revision after augmentation. Certain complications that may arise from breast augmentation can be addressed with revision surgery procedures, but in the case of downsizing or removal of implants, it’s usually prudent to consider combining a breast lift with your revision procedure.

Expansion of the Breast Envelope

In order to accommodate your new implants, the breast envelope must expand. In the absence of additional complications, this doesn’t create problems in and of itself. However, when considering downsizing or removal, the expansion created by your initial augmentation will create excess skin after the volume of the implants is reduced. You can think of the skin around your breasts like a pair of your favorite jeans. When you gain weight, the waist and legs will expand to accommodate the increased volume. After you lose it, the jeans will be stretched out larger than their original proportions and sag in areas where you lost weight.

Addressing Excess Skin

Because of the prevalence of excess skin after implant downsizing or removal, a breast lift is frequently needed in combination with your procedure. The breast lift is designed specifically to address issues of excess and sagging skin in the breasts, as well as repositioning nipple placement, in order to give breasts a perky, natural and youthful appearance. As such, the most common complications of downsizing after augmentation can easily be addressed with a breast lift. Taking it back to the jeans metaphor, the process of the breast lift on the skin of the breast envelope is similar to bringing in the seams of your jeans to regain a tighter fit.

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