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Do You Really Need a ‘Thigh Gap’?

Thigh Gap

You may have heard the term ‘thigh gap’ in reference to a space between the thighs when a woman stands upright with feet together. The thigh gap is a current aesthetic trend that naturally occurs only in particularly slim girls and women. So now that you know what it is, do you know if you need one?

The Origins of the Obsession

The thigh gap obsession began after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in which seemingly all the models had the thin and toned thighs that make a thigh gap possible. This new upper leg sensation promptly encouraged women to consider ways to slim down their thighs for the coveted streamlined appearance, regardless of the fact that most women’s thighs aren’t really built that way.

Above anything else, what the thigh gap obsession really demonstrates is misplaced focus. Most women wish to improve their figure simply by bringing out the best in their own body. Sometimes, this means slimming down problem areas that haven’t responded to diet or exercise, and that can certainly include the inner or outer thighs for some. Getting a thigh gap goes well beyond this modest goal by attempting to change your natural anatomy.

Thigh Lipo in Moderation

opens in a new windowLiposuction of the inner or outer thighs can help women fine-tune their upper leg appearance by providing body contouring finesse that can’t be achieved by eating right and doing your lunges. The results can help women feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin, regardless of popular societal trends.

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