Do Different Liposuction Options Really Deliver Different Results?


Delivering superior body sculpting results is always a priority for plastic surgeons, and liposuction provides the ideal vehicle to meet that goal. With the number of new methodologies now available for this surgery, does the specific technology make a difference as far as results are concerned?

Choosing the Right Application

Although the end result of permanently removing adipose tissue via suction is the same for every type of liposuction, the immediate difference comes in as far as process is concerned. Choosing a liposuction type that better addresses the specific contouring needs of the surgeon and cosmetic goals of the patient is integral to ensuring beautiful results:

  • Micro liposuction performed with very small cannulas is best for sculpting in delicate locations like under the chin or along the jawline.
  • Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction is highly effective in very fibrous areas that have been challenging to treat in the past, such as addressing gynecomastia or eliminating fatty deposits from the muscular lower to mid back.
  • Power-assisted liposuction is appropriate for removing larger volumes of fat due to its higher efficiency compared to other methods.

Each approach does have minor differences that may make a certain technique more appropriate for the circumstance; while there may never be a complete consensus on whether any particular method is inherently better than any other, making the choice based on objective strategy is more likely to yield preferable results.

More importantly, the skill and experience of the surgeon are integral to refining body contours with a higher level of finesse. The benefits afforded by an extensive knowledge base combined with a committed eye toward aesthetics outweigh any gains afforded by any one particular gadgetry.

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