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Do Chemical Peels Still Have a Place in Dermatology?

Facial Chemical Peel

It seems in recent years that the world of dermatology has been taken over by new, technologically advanced anti-aging treatments and devices. With all these new-fangled options for improving the appearance of skin, do old-fashioned chemical peels still have a place in today’s world of varied skin rejuvenation options?

What a Peel Does

During a chemical peel, a solution is applied to the face, causing the top layer of cells to separate from underlying layers and peel off. By removing that top layer of dull and damaged skin cells, the treatment starts a natural process of rejuvenation resulting in the emergence of healthier, younger-looking skin.

Chemical peels can be customized to address your unique complexion concerns. Fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation problems such as sun damage and age spots can all typically see improvement and correction when targeted with the right chemical peels.

Peels Nominated for Best Supporting Treatment

The anti-aging market is more innovative than ever. For example, Thermage® offers patients dramatic skin tightening results, while the Fraxel® Dual Laser can improve wrinkles, scars and pigmentation issues. Many of these newest methods of renewing aging skin deliver exceptional results with limited downtime, just like chemical peels themselves.

Despite the introduction of more options, most dermatologists agree that chemical peels still remain a viable and effective treatment for many patients. Although peels may not offer immediate, dramatic results, they’re much less expensive, which makes them more easily incorporated into a medical-grade skincare routine than more complex treatments. In other words, chemical peels aren’t quite the stars of the show anymore, but there’s no denying they can still play a pivotal part in skin health and rejuvenation.

Dr. Michele GreenDr. Michele Green is a board-certified dermatologist who makes her patients’ skin health her top priority. In addition to providing a full range of noninvasive and minimally invasive medical and cosmetic procedures, Dr. Green also requires a skin cancer screening at the outset of each treatment, and she remains at the forefront of skin cancer detection and treatment. Because of her commitment to patients’ ongoing skin health beyond aesthetic enhancements alone, Dr. Green also offers her own line of intensive skin care products to help maintain and restore healthy skin.

A Yale graduate who earned her MD from Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City, Dr. Green is highly committed to providing the latest in skin care and anti-aging treatments, and keeps up to date on the latest options in a variety of treatments including a number of different laser skin rejuvenation procedures. As a doctor who worked early in her career with product safety and development for top brands including L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Green combines a researcher’s perfectionism with a down-to-earth and personal approach that enables her to adapt treatments precisely to meet individual needs.

The most popular procedures at Dr. Green’s New York cosmetic dermatology practice include Fraxel® laser skin rejuvenation, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and specialized procedures to correct a number of skin pigmentation problems. She also provides a full complement of medical procedures to treat acne, rosacea, skin cancers, and a number of other skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and hemangiomas.

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